Cindy Chapter 10: Black Bug

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This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series Cindy

After my orgasm, I was lead to sit in the chair I had used for support. Only my handler was left around me so I successfully avoided knowing who penetrated me.

At first, I would have told them I didn’t really want to sit down but the relief on my legs was very welcomed, especially if I was to run again.

I may have drifted off once more or perhaps things moved quickly enough, but I was quickly approached by Harry, another man and a tall black woman with really short hair.

She was wearing sandals, a long colorful skirt and a white tank top which clearly showed her almost lack of breasts.

When the trio reached me and I was pulled to stand up, I realized that the black woman must have been at least 6 foot 5 because with only small sandals, she was almost as tall as I was on my hooves.

“Black Bug, this is Gold-swan”

To my surprise, the pony girl actually spoke.

“So, this is the white bitch you think might be my partner. Look at her legs, are you sure they are powerful enough to accompany me ?”

Harry replied that I had outrun fire-fox.

“Fire-fox is slow. She lasts long, but that’s because she’s fucking slow.”, replied the sassy black woman.

She approached me and started playing with my breasts.

“Don’t these bother you when you run, white bitch ?”

Harry took my defense: “She doesn’t want to be treated like a human, so she doesn’t talk. But no, her breast don’t seem to bother her that much.”

Still looking straight into my eyes she spoke to Harry.

“I’ll do two runs of the perimeter. If we do at least 5.3, I’ll train with her tomorrow, otherwise, she’s just a waste of time. She’s leaving soon isn’t she ?”

“She’s just staying for 2 weeks.”

Black-bug turned around and addressed the third man, who had stayed silent since his arrival.

“Mark, do we have a tournament when this bitch is here ?”

“We have a qualification this week-end in Oregon and the finals the next week-end. She has time to go to both.”

“Ok, let’s do this shit”, she just replied while dropping her tank top and skirt on the ground, showing me her well developed calf and thigh muscles, almost disproportionate with her arms and ridiculously flat chest.

Once Fully naked, she kicked off her sandals and was soon met by 2 handlers with her equipment.

Unlike me, she had a minimal set of equipment: she only wore boots and a belt for attaching the cart. She didn’t get blinders, a gag or a tail.

Her boots were also a lot smaller than mine, meaning that despite her height, I was still taller when both of us were equipped.

Hopefully, this would help me sustain my pace enough to become her partner and compete.

We were lead to a cart and quickly strapped side by side. Black-bug herself gave me my instructions.

“Ok Bitch, run as fast as you can. This is a sprint. We run twice around the building and go at it with all we’ve got. Don’t hold back or we’ll never run together again. Clear ?”

I ignored her, but I positioned myself to run.

The man in the cart told us to start slowly and I recognized the voice as being Mark, Black Bug’s trainer.

We started slowly to get the cart moving and I realized that I was pulling my own weight rather well. I had gotten the hang of accelerating and did my fair share so that soon enough, we were starting to go full speed.

Unlike with fire-fox, I couldn’t drift away. I had to focus on constantly going faster and faster because each time I managed to optimize my pace a little more, Black-Bug kept on pushing for even more speed.

It was a challenge, but I liked it. I began taking longer steps in a faster rhythm, almost jumping from one step to another.

I could hear Black-Bug being just as much out of breath as I was but we kept pushing harder. I could feel each of her thrusts and tried to adjust so that I could use her thrusts to increase the size of my own steps.

That way, while she was pushing, I was stepping, and while I was pushing, she was stepping. As each step was taken, we were less and less 2 pony girls with a pair a legs and more and more like a 4 cylinder gasoline engine well optimized so that each cylinder allowed the other 3 to cycle perfectly.

By the time we were told to stop, we had mastered our pace so that only 1 of our four legs was pushing at the time in a frantic ballet of optimized running.

Black- Bug unhooked herself from her harness herself and quickly hugged me, brushing our dripping wet body one against another.

“You were amazing.”. She then kissed me on the cheek.

Mark replied: “I timed us at 6.1 miles per hour on that last stretch. Even without a cart I don’t think you ever were that fast Black-Bug.”

“Yeah, this skinny bitch is a winner. Can she run for a long time?”

“She ran 27 miles this morning”

“Damn. I think I am falling in love with her. Let her rest, we’ll resume our training tomorrow.”

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