Cindy Chapter 3: First Cart

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This entry is part 3 of 10 in the series Cindy

The way I was sitting in the limousine prevented me from seeing my master, and he chose to remain silent. I spent some time looking at the empty seat ahead of me in the Limo, dozing off and losing all sense of time and direction. Every time the car turned, stopped or accelerated I could hear the bells on my nipples ringing briefly, exciting me some more.

I was convinced at first that my mouth would dehydrate from the loss of saliva, but since I had nothing else to do I decided to learn how to keep as much as possible of it in my mouth. I also tried to focus on exercising and relaxing my mouth. The bit was a lot bigger than my own, and it made relaxing my muscle that much harder.

But I did succeed, leaving me once again to my inner thoughts. Oddly enough, I was very calm, very relaxed. I was able to concentrate on my past and my future long enough to only emerge once I felt the cold breeze of the wind on my body when the limousine door was opened.

I felt a tuck on my leash, and a hand grabbing one of the two large rings attached on each side of my mouth to my bit was pulled to help me stand up. At first, I was surprised at the pulling, but I just bit harder in the mouthpiece and lifted my body.

My head was lowered, probably to avoid the door frame, and rapidly, I was standing on my own two feet, or rather, my own two hooves. I had taken me a long time to practice using these rather special shoes. First of all, the sole of each foot was almost vertical, with only enough tilt to distribute slightly the weight along the sole, rather than just on the tip of the toes.

If you ever wore some 5 or 6 inches high heels shoes, you know what I mean, only this time, imagine a 8 or 9 inches one. If you add the fact that the base of my hooves was a good 3 inches thick, wearing these hooves added roughly a foot to my already impressive 5 foot 11 height. It also tilted my hips, letting my breast on full display. I remember watching me from all angles in the mirror, appreciating the way I looked.

In front of me, I could mostly see a big grass field, absolutely devoid of any constructions. I remembered to walk by using the pony girl steps: raising the knee at high as possible, and moving the legs forward before putting it back down. As soon as my leash stopped being pulled, I paused, waiting for orders.

I could hear a faint conversation behind me, most likely between the driver and my master, and after a few minutes a strong leather harness was installed on my body. Since the person installing it was standing behind me, I never saw the harness, nor the person installing it.

I could however, feel the harness pulling on my body. I knew that is barely covered my body. While I was trying to imagine in it in my mind, a big lubricated butt plug was installed, indicated my tail was finally in place, completing my uniform.

I could feel the plug pushing against my colon, and it’s long hair brushing against my legs. My handler locked my arm binders to a strap that went across my hips, jerking my breast even more in display. My mouth was secured, my head was secured, my hands were secure, and now, I could no longer even move my arms.

The only thing left that I could move were my legs, and not too long after I realized that simple fact, I was pulled again by my leash, enabling me to turn and see my handler, the man from the limo. In front of me, I could see a small chariot, with a red-headed pony girl already secured in front of it. I immediately understood that the harness to the left of the stunning girl was meant for me.

I was pulled by my bit rings and forced to walk backward to be, I realized, attached to the harness. In a few minutes, I would have my first pulling cart duty! Already! I knew this wasn’t easy to do, especially since there was no way to see my partner pony, or to communicate with it.

Attaching me seems simple enough, and within seconds I was secured to the cart. I was no longer mobile on my will: I had to move in coordination with my partner, and the only way to do it was to obey orders given by my master.

“New pony slave, this is your first experience pulling a cart, moreover in a duo, but all of our slaves must go thru this to initially reach the mansion. Next to you is Fire-fox, one of our best experienced ponies with beginners. She will be able to adapt to your steps, as long as you are not too abrupt.”

I mentally made a note that at this ranch, pony girls are named as “she” and not “it” like I expected.

“Attached to your mouth rings is a double leach I hold in my hand. If a side if pulled, it means your must turn in that direction. If both are pulled at the same time, if means you must slow down until I stop pulling. “Heeya” or a whipping means you must go faster. ”

These rules were pretty basic, as I was expecting them. What I was a less expecting was the whip hitting my buttocks, just as our handler had stopped yelling “heeya”.

Not forgetting to pony step, I started pulling on the cart or rather, tried to pull the cart. It proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated. At first, I wondered if I was right for the job, but I realized that my hooves were much more tilted than the one they proposed to offer me. In my horror, I wondered if, with my hooves, I would even be able to pull all that weight.

The whip hit me a second, and a third time before I managed to adjust slightly the angle of my body in order to finally get a drag powerful enough to get the cart moving. As soon as the cart moved, I felt a force helping me, most likely Fire-fox.

In the next few steps, I gradually managed to give the cart a certain momentum, make it go faster. When I thought I finally was doing fine, the whip hit me a fourth time, indicating me to move faster. This time, Fire-fox was also hit, and harder than I was judging by the sound the whip made on her skin.

I though I wouldn’t be able to combine a faster pace with the pony stepping, but after a few steps only I managed to get the hang of it. I was thanking myself for all of the training I imposed on my schedule of the past few months otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Despite all my attempts to silence them, my nipple bells were erotically ringing after each step. I did manage to reduce the movement of my upper body, reducing their noise but not totally silencing them. I wondered if during cart duty, it would be possible to completely silence them.

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