Cindy Chapter 5: New Name

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This entry is part 5 of 10 in the series Cindy

Without any additional word, my leash was pulled, and I was brought inside the mansion. Lighting was dim, and my peripheral vision prevented me from seeing much of it. About 20 steps of the left in a small office, I recognized my handler from the limo, currently giving a report on my performances to a large man sitting behind the only desk.

I was parked, standing up, in front of the desk. I could only see the large man, which I presumed to be the boss, and a carpet tapestry hung from the ceiling behind him depicting a full size naked pony girl.

“As you can see, she supplied her own hooves. They are a beauty and add a full feet to her height, compared to only a few inches for our design. She wants to be treated totally as an animal for her two weeks, no briefing, no explanations, no time off.”

“In her e-mails, she was quite clear on her wishes. I have never seen this. Until she wired her payment, I was sure it was someone playing a joke on me. Did you have an idea on her name? She insisted to be named by us”

“I was leaning toward Gold-Swan.”

“I like it. Get me the special ink from the library behind you. She wanted to be tagged. “

He picked up the phone, and pushed a single button.

“Susan, I need you for a minute”.

Less than a minute later, Susan had written on the top of my left breast in what both men agreed to declare a beautiful style, my new name: Gold-swan.

It has been now several hours since I went to the bathroom, and my bladder was beginning to get full. Unfortunately I was inside and needed to wait.

The Boss addressed me for the first time, once Susan had left the room.

“Gold-Swan, this ink stays in the skin for a good 2 to 3 weeks. After you leave us, it will still show, but don’t worry, it will disappear shortly after. You are a beautiful specimen. I am told you have a bright future ahead of you.”, he started touching my body, commenting on my the various parts.

“Good legs, a beautiful figure, Harry, did you touch these breasts? They are firm, just the way I like them. Let’s see if you like your condition”

With these words, he inserted two fingers in my pussy, and judging from the way they entered and his reaction, I was indeed excited.

“I think you will have a lot of fun around here. You will be awaken with the sun, so with your heavy day, you usually go to sleep early in the evening, unless one of us want to have fun. It is still early, but we will do your evening routine anyway, to give you more time to adjust to your sleeping arrangements. Go ahead Harry…”

“Yes Boss. “

He seized my leash, and pulled me outside. I made sure to do the pony walk. I remembered that I could only urinate outside, so I forced my bladder to let go of its content while walking. At first, I though it would be impossible, but not too long after, I managed to let go.

It was very degrading. The urine was flowing on my legs and into my hooves, and Master Harry, who did notice I was urinating, didn’t let me stop to finish my business.

I didn’t have to walk very far to get to the stable, which looked like almost every other horse stable: dirty and uncomfortable. This was going to be my house, so I guess I should get used to it.

Like in front of the mansion, the stable has a few poles in front of the entrance, and the fearful garden hose. Sure enough, before entering, I was hosed down, with a special attention given to my legs and my hooves that were rinsed completely free of urine.

I was pulled inside, and forced to enter one of the boxes. In a comforting way, it was totally unanimous and impersonal. My leash was tied to a hook on the roof of the stable, and I was left alone for a few minutes.

I decided to get curious for the first time of the day, and explore the box a little. Approximately 5 feet by 8 feet, it was barely big enough for a normal human being, let alone one that had high hooves, and her hands tied behind her back.

The dirt floor was layered by some sort of hay, and I quickly realized this would be my simple bed. In one corner was a kind of small sink full of fresh water, and I immediately assumed it was my fresh water supply. There was a tube used for filling the sink as soon as the level of the water dropped a little. It was, with the various hooks and rings on the walls, the only decorations of the box.

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