Cindy Chapter 7: Waking up

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I slept well enough to feel disoriented on my awakening. After only a few looks around, I remembered why I had a metal bar in my mouth, why I had a butt plug in my rectum, and why my hands and feet were restrained.

But more importantly, I remembered why I was not sleeping in my bed, being instead in a small wooden room I hope would become my permanent residence.

When I had first bought my own bit, I had been reluctant to try sleeping with it, but eventually gave in and managed to sleep full nights wearing it, as well as my hooves. I was happy to have broken in at home, or I would have required following a crash adjustment course to get some rest.

I quickly realized why I was awake: there was some noise in the main corridor of the building. I can only presume that the handlers were awakening their ponies for the morning. With some effort, I managed to get back on my two feet, or rather, on my hooves.

A race for time started between my own handler and my bladder, a race which I lost by several minutes, leaving my legs and the floor of my box dirty. This was the second time I had received my urine on my legs, and I can only assume this would be normal from now on.

What came as the biggest surprise was how horny I felt. I didn’t have a very high sex drive. Being condemned in remaining single tends to put you down, but I would masturbate once in a while. As a pony, this was almost impossible. I tried rubbing my clitoris with the mittens they had left locked on my hands all night, but the texture irritated me more than it stimulated me.

I was startled by the sudden opening of my box. A man I had never seen before entered and looked me in the eyes. “I am just going to say this once. When a handler opens your door, you stand up and put your hands behind your back at once, or you are punished”

As he said the words, I immediately put my hands in the same position they were bound the day before, and I presume, would be in a few seconds.

I wasn’t let down. Within a few minutes, I got my hands bound, I had been led sent to the toilet which was followed by a reinstallation of my tail, I had been fed like the evening before, I got cleaned with a garden hose and my teeth were brushed.

I was now standing in what I assumed to be the main court where my harness and blinders were reinstalled after a young groom applied a generous layer of sun block lotion over all my body, insisting of course on my breasts.

He seemed a little surprised to see that my nipple bells were actually pierced and not clipped, and commented on the fact to one of his colleagues.

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