Cindy Chapter 6: Eating

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Master Harry returned with a few objects in his hands, which he one by one, set either on the floor, or on one of the rings.

He put a rubber strap under his left armpit, and worked on my mouth piece. He was untying my bit from the rest of the restraint. I am sure he could feel my panic at being allowed to talk again, because he uttered the perfect words, while brushing my cheek with his hand.

“Don’t worry Gold-Swan, I am just changing your bit to a flatter one, so you can close you mouth while you sleep and so you can eat. You still won’t be able to talk”

Before removing the round bit, he inserted on top of it the new one, and then slowly pulled the old one out. While he was fastening it in place, I bit as strong as possible on it, both to secure it and to reassure me. Master was right thought, I was able to close my lips, even around the strip, so I was no longer losing any saliva.

He removed my blinders, which were pretty much useless now, since I couldn’t see outside of the box anyway, and instead, used the blinder’s attachment to secure in place the feeder, after having pushed my head down.

I soon realized why: it was filled with an almost liquid mixture, kind of like oatmeal, and had I not tilted my head, I might have suffocated in it. I was left alone to my demise.

Eating was a little tricky. Despite being more comfortable, the new bit still hampered my jaw movement. The mixture was fortunately liquid enough to be almost drinkable, requiring no need to chew or masticate on it.

It was, in a way, awful. The taste and texture really surprised me: the fruit, vegetable mixed in the grain, probably oatmeal, wheat and rice had a strong weird sense of harmony. Every time I would swallow, the taste seemed a little more disgusting.

Yet, in another way, it was one of the best meals of my life. I was feed like an animal a meal that was not meant to be tasty. My arms were still secured behind my back, forcing me to eat using only my mouth.

The technique to eat was fairly straightforward: raise your mouth, make a little of mixture enter between your lips and close them. Raise your head a little higher to make the mixture go in your throat and swallow. Repeat until the feeder is empty.

I would have loved to say, repeat until you have enough, but there wasn’t definitely enough. I wondered how I would have enough on days when I would run all day long in the field, but I was left hoping my handlers knew what they were doing.

The irony of the situation hit me once I had finished eating the content of the feeder. All my life, I had avoided people, and now, I choose a new life where I am totally dependant on others, and yet, I still felt far from everyone.

None of the people I would meet would treat me like an individual. I would be treated like an animal. I would be handled according to my actions as a pony girl, not according to my human personality, which suited me fine.

I didn’t have to wait long for Harry to get back to me. He removed the feeder, and brushed my teeth. It felt odd, in a childish kind of way.

Once completed, he unhooked the leash from my collar, leaving it hanging from the ceiling, and unlocked my wrists from one another. My restraints were still in place, preventing me from using my hands but I could move my arms freely. My harness was also removed.

He quickly left my box, locking it behind him, most likely for the night. I hurried to the water fountain to drink down the rest of my meal and re-hydrate me a little, an act I knew I would regret later when my bladder would be full.

Only a few minutes later, the light above my box was turned off, by gradually dimming it out, giving me a chance to lie down on the hay which, while far from the comfort of a bed, was still soft enough to let me fall asleep within a few minutes.

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