Cindy Chapter 4: Hosed down

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After a few minutes of prancing in the field, we reached the proximity of a small paved road I could barely see on my right. I felt a pull on my jaw, to the right, making me panic. I knew how to pull, but not how to turn!

Fire-fox knew what she was doing, and I felt the cart pulling slightly to the right. I decided to force with each of my steps a little more to the right and rapidly, we were now on the pavement. I could now hear the sound of our hooves and of the cart wheels on the asphalt, enabling me to synchronize my steps with those of Fire-fox, increasing even more our speed. A little tuck to the left centered us on the road, which I could see stretch for a least a mile before reaching a kind of metal gate.

Oddly enough, not only was I uninterested about what was on the other side, but we actually reached it in what I perceived to be only a few seconds. My role had been to pull the cart, and I was so taken into it, that I lost track of time even thought it must have taken at least 20 to 25 minutes to reach the gate. It’s has if I had an out of body experience.

The gate was opened by a man inside a little before we reached it and once we passed thru it, I felt my head strongly jerked back from both sides. I quickly tried to stop the cart but realized we need to slow it down first, forcing us to use all of our strength on stopping it.

Once immobile, I realized that almost all of my body was covered with sweat. A man with a kind of plastic bag attached to a tube went in front of me, and inserted the tube deep into my mouth, past the bit. After turning a little valve, I felt the juicy liquid in my mouth, forcing me to swallow as fast as possible. Once again, I adapted relatively fast to the technique and grateful for the liquid since I has become quite thirsty during my trip. I couldn’t really make out the taste, which was awful, but it seemed to be relatively thick, a little like vegetable juice.

My leash was reattached to my collar and I was unhooked from the cart. I was lead for a short distance and discovered that on the right of the road, past the gate, was what appeared to be a big building I assumed to be the mansion. Because of my blinders however, I could only see part of it.

My leach was attached to a pole, next to the building which I was facing, leaving me to assume I was to remain immobile.

At least, I was no longer in the sun: I could feel the freshness of the mansion’s shadow. After being left alone, I heard another pair of hooves on the pavement, which I assumed to be Fire-fox. She was most likely anchored next to me.

I could hear from sounds next to me, which I confirmed to be my handler when he engaged in a conversation with the gate keeper; which I just saw comes into my view.

He was obviously checking me out.

“Did she pick a name for herself?” the gate keeper asked.
“No, she didn’t specify one”
“She is rather tall”
“Almost 6 foot 9. It’s her own hooves. I didn’t think she’d be able to actually pull the cart with it, but after only 3 whips, she managed to move a little. With some encouragement, she did a step and Fire-fox helped her find her pace”
“How much can she do?”

“I don’t know yet. They did on average 3.2, but I am sure that her two weeks will make her a fast one. Did you see her legs? She is strong, that’s for sure. And take a look at their length, with the hooves in place. When she was on grass, she made about 15% less steps than Fire-fox. Maybe she could even run with Black-Bug”

“Are you sure she’s okay with us talking about her like that? It’s her first day, no?”

“I gave her the quiz, and she clearly said what she wanted. To be treated like a pony. She doesn’t want any verbal communications, any explanations, nothing. 2 weeks of complete depersonalization. That’s her words in the comments section.”

“Do you want Fire-fox or the new horse?”

“I’ll have the rest of her stay. You are better on the breaking in, plus, I need to report to the boss, so why don’t you do both?”

“Perfect. I guess I don’t have to warn her.”

A few seconds later, I was hosed with ice cold water. I had read about it. Ponies are not allowed to take a shower, so they are hosed down with a common garden hose to remove our sweat and dirt.

Because of the ride, I was rather feeling hot, so it helped me regain my cool, but it was really too cold and too long, sending me shivers. I did my best to remain immobile.

The gate opener took a large sponge, and passed it all over my body, sometimes using his hands notably on my breasts and pussy. Once finished, he let me drib like that while he was cleaning Fire-fox.

He unhooked me, going again in my point of view, an addressed me. “Listen pony, I know you don’t want instructions, but there are a few you still need for your stay. First of all, you have no bathroom break for your bladder. If you are not inside, just relieve yourself on the ground, preferably not in a place it matters, but here, ponies are not expected to know the difference. If it is really an inadequate location, you will be punished.

Second of all, after each ride and sometimes during long ones, you will be feed a nutritious liquid composed of fruit and vegetable juices. It will be a big part of your calorie and nutriments intake. You will also be giving some semi liquid cereals, soya and vegetable mixture, diluted in milk 3 times per day. Ponies do not eat meat. Normally, we remove the bit for the morning and evening meal, but you specifically requested not to have your bit removed, so you’ll need to eat all three meals instead of just the diner meal with a feeder, which is a kind of pouch that goes over your mouth. Between the heavy exercising and your food intake, I can guarantee that even in just two weeks, you will definitely lose some weight, even if you already don’t have much to lose, but you should have more than enough energy to last the day.

Third of all, your butt plug will be removed only in the morning, after you will be awakened, and it will be the only time of the day you will get to use a toilet. You will only get 2 days to adjust.

Finally, you allowed sex as part of your stay. Even if you don’t see it, I must reassure you, for health reason, that every male penetrating you will have a condom.”

I didn’t care much about the rules, thought the almost inexistence of non liquid food worried me a little. I guess I will have to get used to being hungry all the time. I didn’t really fancy urinating in the wild, but I guess I secretly longed for it. I just didn’t want to admit it to myself.

What I was really anxious to see, was the sex part. I knew that pony play was an inherently sexual activity. I always had a problem with sex because it brought people too close to me. Under this situation, I would be used as an animal, as an object. I hope it would allow me to finally unwind enough to enjoy it.

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