Harmony Chapter 10: Train Ride

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This entry is part 10 of 27 in the series Harmony

We sat for roughly 15 minutes while we waited for a few other people to enter and soon enough, the monorail accelerated quickly until the next station while Paul was talking to Alexandra about her tractor.

On the first station, Paul and the other girl left with most of the passengers, leaving the three of us alone in the train.

Tiffany took Alexandra’s hands and all excited began to tell her about our threesome, as if I wasn’t even in the room.

“Alexandra, you’ll never believe what happened last night… Cassiopeia gave her night to Harmony, well, you know Cassiopeia, so I prepared Mark for my new friend. It all went perfectly, I think they both loved it, but you’ll never guess what Harmony did after they were done… she did it with me.”

Alexandra leaned forward and place one hand on my knee and one on Tiffany’s knee. “How, she doesn’t have, well, you know…”

“Well, at first she kissed me. It was so soft”

Tiffany turned to me. “You kissed her. Wow, that’s amazing.”

I believe I blushed. I wanted to jump out of the train or dissolve into the seat.

“Yeah, it was… so, where was I, oh yeah, she started to rub me between my legs and it felt so good. Even better than when I touch myself”

So at least they masturbate too. For all I know, maybe lesbian sex is punishable by death or something.

“I like it, but then she did something crazy.. She began licking me down there with her tongue.”

Alexandra interrupted her : “Mark doesn’t do it to you ?”

“No, never”, replied Tiffany.

“Ask him. Stephen does it to me from time to time, like sometimes, I am really horny and it’s Audreane’s night, so after he did her, he licks me until I come”

Good, so oral sex itself isn’t taboo.

“Oh. You never told me that…”

“I guess I never thought to mention it. So, did you come ?”

“Yeah”, replied Tiffany, dreaming of the previous night.

Alexandra turned to me. “And you like it ?”

“Yes, I like having sex with a man, but also with women.”

“Tiffany and I often dreamed we could be together, but we never thought it was actually possible.”

“So it’s not forbidden ?”, I asked.

“Anything that happens within a family is allowed, but I don’t think anyone though that girls could, well, you know…”, replied Alexandra.

“Too bad we are not in the same family”, added Tiffany to Alexandra.

Alexandra had a thought however…

“You know Tiffany, when a girl isn’t pledged yet, she can try multiple families, right ?”


“And when two people work and live together, they are not restricted to their house, right ?”

“Yeah”, replied Tiffany, with a question mark on her face.

“Well, let’s say that the three of us stop by my field first, and Harmony here decided to try for my family, she could show me what it’s like. ”

“I guess”, replied Tiffany

“But then, you would be in my field, as if you were in my family, right ?”


“And guests of a family can do everything except one, right ?”

“Yeah, but the majority of the family needs to approve the guest”

“Here is the thing. In my family, it’s just Stephen, Audreane and I. If Harmony was in my family, the two of us would be the majority, so she could approve you as a guest.”

“But my family needs to approve too, right ?”

“Only if you spend the night.”

“Ooh… so you and I could try it at your field and follow the rules”

“Only if Harmony and I start first so that my field becomes a temporary house first”

Nobody consulted me, but it seemed rather clear that as soon as we would reach Alexandra’s field, I would be the third wheel of an all girl threesome.

Well, it beats working, doesn’t it ?

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