Harmony Chapter 19: Taking my man

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I walked back to cabin #34 with a song in my step. I could swear that people could spot that I was dancing rather than walking but I didn’t care.

I now had a plan to get back on top and a purpose for my life on this planet. Up until now, I was the ugly duckling who was desperate for attention but now I was in a position to silently become the leader of the planet. Not that anyone on the surface would actually notice.

Indeed, no one could actually challenge my authority because no one even knew anything about finance or money. Rita, the elder, certainly didn’t so I guess I was fine. They would perceive me as a guide on how to manage their resources while I will effectively control all foreign trade, both in, out and the profit from the difference.

When I reached Cabin 34, Mark was alone and that was just perfect for me. I was tired of waiting. If I was to become a leader of the city, I could at least take my man, even if technically I had to share him.

I didn’t know who’s turn it was and I didn’t care. Mark would fuck me right now and no one wouldn’t argue against me.

He was already half naked, as he was busy getting out of his work clothes to change for the evening ones. I didn’t give him time to think and I quickly helped him strip naked, letting me see his already fully erect cock pointing up at me.

I kissed him, pressing my breasts against his hairy torso and gently pushed him backwards toward the bed, where he fell in a surprised motion.

I had seen it coming and soon, I was on top of him, using my mouth to lubricate his male organ with my saliva, with full penile hunger helping me salivate.

Mark didn’t complain. In fact, he told me how beautiful I was and that he was happy I was thinking of joining his family.

I put my right index on his lips to gently tell him to shut up. I didn’t want a boyfriend at this exact moment: I wanted a boy toy to fuck my brains out for the first time since I had left my home planet. I wanted a fully erect cock deep inside of me.

Sure, we had played around since I had met him, but my wet pussy was tired of being neglected. Since my exile, I had felt like a loser but now, I was back to a tigress like when I used to organize orgies and gang-bangs.

It wasn’t long before I placed myself on top on his muscular thighs so I could position myself perfectly to guide him inside my well lubricated secret garden.

I jumped down on his crotch, letting him glide inside of me, finally feeling something inside of my cunt after months and months of abstinence.

I began to concentrate on my own pleasure, but I could faintly hear Mark protest so I re-opened my eyes to see that he was panicking while trying to get me off.

“What’s wrong? Do you have a cramp?” I asked, as I stepped off and sat on the bed, next to time.

“You haven’t bled yet”. Huh ?

“I don’t understand”.

“Until you bleed, you cannot have sex with a new man.”

“Oh, you mean until I have my periods. Why?”

“So we know who the father is”

“You guys don’t know how to do paternity tests so you made the rule to way until the periods. That’s actually quite clever. Do you know that on Earth, people can’t restrain themselves?”

Mark simply nodded, relieved that I was respecting him.

“Listen Mark, touch this little stick under my left arm”, I guided him. “These are sub-dermal contraceptive implants. Once placed by a doctor, they take several years to dissolve. As long as I can feel them in my arm, I can’t be pregnant.”

Mark was looking at me with empty eyes, visibly confused, but still present.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Plus, I didn’t have sex since my last period. There was no one to have sex with anyway at the end of my trip in space and since I arrived, I only got close to you. If I were to get pregnant, it would definitely be yours.”

“I guess”

“So, let’s get back in… I really liked to feel you inside of me”.

Sadly, the talk had made him lose his erection, but a few minutes of expert play with my hands later we were back at it, humping like we had been married forever despite the interruption.

Mark came only a few minutes later, but feeling him coming inside of me got my brain active enough to come a few seconds later.

We hadn’t eaten supper yet, so Mark got dressed and left alone but not before giving a long loving kiss.

It had been more than a year since a man had ejaculated inside of me and never did I have to walk naked afterwards.

I so longed for a paper tissue as sperm was dripping on my thighs but I remembered there were showers everywhere, so I just cleaned myself before joining the gang for the evening buffet.

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