Harmony Chapter 11: Third Wheel

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The train stopped in the middle of nowhere. Unlike the other locations, there was no station to stop at per se.

Instead, Tiffany and Alexandra turned a big wheel on the side of door of the train which slowly lowered a ladder to the ground.

“Hurry up down it Harmony, the ladder is on a counterweight so it will pull back up when no one is on it”

I began to climb down the ladder which helped it reach to the ground. It was weird because I felt like I was going to fall down as the ladder quickly dropped several feet to the ground.

“How will I be get back up at the end of the day ?”

I asked as I slowly climbed down with my lunch bag in my left hand.

Tiffany was the next one on the ladder. “The attendant will lower it for us. It’s our job on the way to the field, but his job on the way back.”

I soon enough had both of my foot back on the ground and felt even more naked than earlier: we were clearly in the middle of nowhere.

All I could see around me was wheat growing all around me and the monorail train on his rail which, sadly, left before I could even complete my survey of the horizon.

It was slightly colder than at the city and I guessed we were far from it from the speed of the monorail.

I felt exposed, isolated and at the mercy of two horny sexy naked girls. Well, maybe it wasn’t that bad…

No, seriously, sex was the last thing on my mind right now. I was stuck on this dirt ball and needed to find some way to survive. Everyone seemed so conservative so it was clear I was permanently barred from wearing clothes, but was hard manual work my only option ?

I certainly didn’t want to take care of kids while naked so being a teacher was out of the question. I was raised to be a leader but they seemed to choose their leader for their age.

While lost in my thoughts, I got pulled by Alexandra toward one of the fields and as soon as we stepped over a small irrigation canal she jumped on me, kissing me as if we have been dating for years and touching me as if I belonged to her.

After a few seconds, she asked me if I agreed for Tiffany to visit our house and didn’t even bother to wait for my answer before leaving me right there in the mud to jump on my last lover.

Soon enough, both girls were alternating in performing oral sex on each other deep in the mud as I tried to regain my balance.

With no television, radio, books or theater, it seems that all that adults did on their free time was have sex. I knew this part of my life wouldn’t suffer, but what about the rest?

Mark’s sodomy had been amazing after months of sexual abstinence, but the lack of preservatives would mean that one day or another, I would be pregnant and, following the customs of the place, would need to abandon my child.

Was I really ready to do to my offspring what was done to me? Was I really ready to be a mother? Was I even ready to live on this planet?

My thoughts were disrupted by one of the girls climaxing so I wandered off into the fields, leaving my lunch near the two embracing lovers.

I could feel the wheat gently stroking my naked body and the wind caressing my skin. It wasn’t unpleasant but I still had mud from my brief sexual encounter with Alexandra.

Fortunately, I found a little wooden shack with solar panels on the roof not far from our arrival point and found water bottles in a small fridge, farming equipment and even a two-way radio to call, I presume, other such shacks.

Hey, perhaps I could be a radio operator at the city to coordinate things, unless they already have someone…

At the back of the shack was an electrical tractor charging via the solar panels. Perhaps I would get to drive it and awaken the 7 year old girl in me.

In all cases, it would be a very long day ahead of me.

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