Harmony Chapter 21: Stephen's family

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I had explored the rest of the factory fast enough, seeing plenty of interesting material to export.

The next ship was due to arrive in only 3 weeks, I made a mental note to plan the exports as efficiently as possible to maximize our, well, my, revenues.

The problem was that there was a lot more to export than I thought, and that if I flooded the markets with a single export all at once, the prices would fall in the face of sudden offer.

Fortunately, there was enough variety to make money for several years in a row, slowly exporting the reserves while trying to reassign some of the workers on useless projects (like the monorail) to more useless shares like mining.

Slowly, I might be able to convince people to better choose their shares but I feared it would be a long process…

As I was walking home, I was saluted by name by Alexandra who jumped into my arms. I was starting to be used to the nudity, but the naked hugs were still a little awkward for me.

“I am so happy to have found you! I spoke to Tiffany and you are sleeping with my family tonight!”

Now what. Why the sudden change.


“Well, remember at the field?”

How could I forget?

“I welcomed you temporarily in our family, so you have to spend the night…”

I have to? I didn’t like that. Not at all… but still, if I wanted to be seen as a leader, I had to follow the customs before I could break them.

Alexandra’s husband is Stephen, one of Mark’s colleagues on solar panels, and I guess, one of my future reassigned worker… considering we already had too many solar panels.

Stephen only has another wife, Audreane, one of the smallest girls I had met so far, barely being 5 foot tall with almost absent breasts and yet, one of the warmest smiles.

I quickly learned she worked with lambs and also quickly discovered that her dialogue consisted almost entirely of talking about lambs.

Stephen was just as boring as Mark, with the sole exception that he preferred to be naked in the company of his two wives, something which didn’t do him justice.

With the small equipment he was sporting, I could understand why Alexandra was bisexual.

No, that’s not fair. A small penis doesn’t necessarily mean that he is bad in bed.

After a little small talk (which is, believe me, a lot more boring than on Earth), he directly asked me: “Is it true that you can’t get pregnant? Mark told me that…”


“Good”, he simply said as he began to kiss me without so much asking me if I wanted to. After a few minutes, he simply pushed me on the bed, and seeing that he already had an erection, decided to just jump on me.

I wasn’t interested and as such, my pussy was just as dry as sand paper and yet, he didn’t seem to mind.

I am guessing that if this is how he treats his wives, it explains Alexandra’s orientation..

Speaking of her, she was sitting next to me, looking at my breasts, so to help pass the time, I pulled her closer and kissed her.

It’s not so much that I really desired her seeing how she had gotten on my nerves at the field, but I preferred to have my mouth busy than letting Stephen kiss me again.

Speaking of him, I was slowly feeling less pain from his penetration, thanks to Alexandra’s touch on my breasts, but I wouldn’t go so far as to admit that if was pleasant.

By the time that I did begin to wonder if I might get something out of this, he came, probably less than 2 minutes after he began. Oh well. I guess I won’t be joining your family, loser…

Stephan rolled on the bed, and went to the other side, facing the wall. Odd…

Alexandra, predictably, moved to spoon me, forcing me to be the big spoon, while Audreane decided to join in and be my big spoon, leaving me sandwiched between the two girls.

I kissed Alexandra on the neck to thank her, while Audreane whispered in my ear: “Thank you Harmony, this was supposed to be my night.”

Oh boy, the other one doesn’t like him either.

I wondered while falling asleep if I should teach him better or if he was a lost cause. I don’t think I’ll ever get the answer…

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