Harmony Chapter 24: Playing with the cook

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By the time I was done in the kitchen, it was already time for the supper banquet and so, I ate with my current family.

I made efforts to try and get closer to Cassiopeia who was the sister-wife I felt the closest to.

I mean, Tiffany was a bimbo while Penelope was nice, but superficial. I could see that under the surface, Cassiopeia understood things the other two girls didn’t, and perhaps that’s why she was so closed off.

I made a mental note to inspect her share next to try and get to know her better.

Mark was very talkative, expressing how fun mining was after all and how he liked playing with the big powerful mining equipment.

“It beats working in the sun, with the solar panels reflecting on your face all day”.

Laura dropped me a plate personally, the first time I had ever seen her do it. It was a piece of chicken breast from the chicken I helped her cook in one of her new rotisseries. We each were to eat one of the two breasts and I wondered if it was some sort of flirting or if I was getting ahead of myself.

After supper, I excused myself and helped Laura’s team to clean up, taking the opportunity to shadow Laura and make chit chat and try to make some personal connection.

One by one, the girls left for their families and soon enough, once the work was done, I was left alone in the kitchen with the head cook herself.

I took a long look at her. She had really short hair, something almost no other girl had: the shortest hair on girls reached at least to the shoulders, like Cassiopeia, for example, but many had long flowing hair sometimes down to their hips.

Laura on the other hand, kept her hair just below the ears, probably because it was more practical in the kitchen. Personally, I think it increased her mystery because it singled her out.

“Do you have a room or do you sleep in the kitchen?”, I asked, when Laura explained she usually went to bed early since she began working quite early in the morning.

“I have my own apartment. It’s probably the nicest one in the colony, one of the perks of being the cook…”

“It’s just sad you don’t get to share it with someone”, I told her, in a flirting mood.

“I don’t have time for a man or sister-wives.”, she said, getting closer.

“I never said anything about a man…”

Laura approached me and kissed me passionately. It was clear from her intensity that this girl was sexually frustrated and after a few minutes of kissing, she  pulled me toward her apartment.

What a difference! The container houses were makeshift housing, with a large awkward bed and metal wells, but Laura’s apartment was in no way jealous of nice hotel suites on Earth. She had nicely painted walls with picture frames, a private bathroom with an actual bath and a canopy queen bed with a nice pink comforter.

Once on the bed, I realized what had been wrong in Mark’s house: their bed was an improved one with filling to make it soft. Laura’s bed was imported and made with real springs and not just a “farmer’s” bed.

“I had heard that were showing girls how to sex with her other and it really turned me on”, Laura said as we got into her bed.

I didn’t bother with a reply: I was in heaven! I felt once again like on Earth and I wondered how I could ever sleep in one of the container cabins again…

We caressed each other’s bodies and I quickly realized that Laura was mirroring my actions which was really a good news. After I sucked gently on her nipples, she returned the favor.

Soon enough, I had her wrapped around my finger, showing her the rules of sapphic pleasure.

After a few minutes of light petting, I moved to serious business and installed myself over her in a 69 position, so that I could taste her virgin pussy while encouraging her to return the favor.

Once again, she was eager to please me and did what she could to replicate my own actions. Of course, since she wasn’t regularly sexually active, as her own pleasure increased, she lost a little concentration but it only enabled me to focus on her.

Today, I didn’t need to orgasm, what I wanted, was to cuddle next to her to sleep in her wonderful bed.

Sadly, her lack of sexual activity meant my tongue became tried too quickly, but I didn’t lose my resolve and finished the job by hand.

I got Laura screaming my name and collapsing into my arms soon enough. She didn’t even manage to thank me before falling asleep in my arms.

I soon enough fell asleep, spooning my new lover and thanking providence for having met her.



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