Harmony Chapter 9: Breakfast

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When I woke up, I was still spooning Tiffany, but Cassiopeia had taken Penelope’s place in the bed. I guess I didn’t hear either of them moving in the house.

I gently left the bed, leaving Mark and Tiffany asleep and took a look around the room to see if I had missed anything.

Sadly, there was nothing new anywhere and the wooden wardrobe only contained clothes for Mark and running shoes for the whole family.

I put mine back on, being my only personal possession left from my old life but I made a mental note to inquire about getting a new pair.

I left the house to breathe the fresh air. Even if it was early in the morning, I was perfectly comfortable even if I was fully nude.

I saw a few people walking by and some even saluted me but I didn’t recognize any and all seemed to be rather in a hurry.

Fortunately, I didn’t wait long before Tiffany joined me. “Need to use the little room ?”

I guess this meant the toilet…

“Yeah, and get some breakfast…”

“There is a toilet or a shower behind each of the houses. We are lucky and have a toilet. Come with me…”

We walked around the metal container and I noticed that indeed, behind each of the houses was a little wooden cupboard.

I wouldn’t say it’s a proper room because in reality, it’s only two privacy walls on either side of the facility and a cloth drape to close the remaining opening.

The “little room” had a classic toilet , a bidet and a very rudimentary sink with a pipe running upwards to allow drinking directly from it.

It was annoying to go outside to get some water or urinate in the middle of the night, but I didn’t have to go very far.

Privacy however didn’t seem to be an issue with Tiffany. Not only did she come in with me, but she didn’t even bother closing the drape.

It’s only after peeing that I really gave a thought about the bidet but I was used to one since my house had luxury toilets.

I still preferred toilet paper, but if a bidet was the only option, I’d get used to it.

While I was emptying my bowels of I presumed the remainder of my last meal on the ship, Tiffany explained in details what her job consisted of and how wheat grew.

I, on the other end, tried to concentrate on my own business for the moment. Eventually, we left the residential area and ended up in the banquet room where not only was breakfast served but lunch boxes prepared.

The setup was very different and both men and women sat together, chatting about their day. I noticed Penelope with a group of mixed people I had never seen.

Seeing I was confused, Tiffany explained that breakfast was done with people of your own trade, so we would eat breakfast with the other wheat girls and the wheat man.

“Paul isn’t our supervisor, but rather our employee. He performs maintenance on our various farming equipment.”

I finally met the Alexandra I had heard so much about and quickly understood why the other girls were rolling their eyes when she was mentioned.

Not only was she the fastest talker I had ever met, but she kept touching every person she talks to. I got a big hug and wet kissed on my cheeks from her when I was presented and got to feel her huge breasts crushing my thorax.

I am a bisexual girl and despite being absolutely stunning with her long brown hair, she got on my nerves.

But the worse about her is how Tiffany reacted: she became just as hyperactive. The other wheat girls, I never got their names, seemed tame and passive but either it was just in comparison with Alexandra and Tiffany or because they learned to shut up in their company.

Breakfast was absolutely filling. A lot of meat and diary products, and I was told to eat no less than 2 eggs and a full bowl of rice.

My lunch box however was very light and only included a piece of bread, an apple and some salted meat and cheese in a bag with a block of ice.

I quickly understood why the breakfasts and the suppers were so filling: lunches were ridiculously small in comparison.

We left the banquet and went in direction of the monorail. Half of the group boarded the east-bound monorail, a quarter boarded the west-bound one and Tiffany, Alexandra, Paul, one of the girls and I took the north-bound one.

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