Harmony Chapter 12: Plowing

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Tiffany was the one who found me once they were done having sex. She was still partly covered in dried mud and I could see the mud imprints of Alexandra’s hands on her buttock and breasts.

“Hey, you left. I missed you”

I almost laughed in her face: It was clear she preferred Alexandra over me, but I didn’t have any other friends on this planet so I just kept quiet.

“Anyway, let me show you the ropes. Wheat cultivation is the best share for sexy girls like us because it’s one of the rare almost automated crops. Sure, we need to distribute the seeds by hand, but everything else is just a matter of waiting for the wheat to grow and using your tractor to pick it up using the automated combine trailer.”

“Nice”, was all I could reply.

“Each of the girls has it’s own tractor, but we share the trailers in pair. Fields alternate on both sides of the monorail and each of us has 12 fields on each side to manage, in different stages of growth. Today, we’ll plow and smooth one of the vacant fields and tomorrow, we’ll fertilize it. That’s fun too. Seeing will be the day after and then, it’s just maintenance on the fields until the next batch is ready. Often, Alexandra and I just share the work on our 48 fields instead of each working on our individual ones. It’s a lot more fun.”

“How do we send the crop back to the city?”

“Via the monorail… Each of the monorails have both space for cargo and for passengers. We drop the wheat bales by the side of the rail and they use the monorail crane to pick it up, one at a time. Meanwhile, the bales just stay there until they are needed”

“I didn’t see any when we arrived”

“We drop them a little further north, so as to not bother our landing site: when the crane picks up the bales, it often drops some pieces to the ground and after a while, it’s rather messy.”

“So, what do we do now?”

“Let’s first fire up the tractor.”

Tiffany pulled me toward the back of the shed and unplugged the tractor.

“The seat is meant for one, so you’ll need to cuddle a lot…”

I followed her cue and climbed on the seat and held in place by wrapping my arms around her waist. I could feel my breasts pushing against her soft back and it wasn’t really uninteresting.

We rode on the uncomfortable tractor for what felt like an hour until we reached a vast empty field with a mechanical plower on the side.

We parked the tractor in front of the plower and disembarked to the ground. Tiffany recommended that we leave our shoes on the side of the field and I obliged, remaining completely bare footed.

We walked to the plower in what I could only describe as mud. Our feet sank into the wet soil with each step we took and pulling our feet away make an audible noise.

“Why is the soil so wet?”

“The irrigation system is always on, even when the field is vacant. Without any crops, the empty fields quickly turn to mud. But it’s good for the skin. Let me show you…”

And she pushed me in the mud. Yeah, like I didn’t see this one coming.

The one surprising thing however is that she jumped on me, kissing me passionately.

“I missed you when I was with Alexandra. I really like how you touched me yesterday.”

She returned to kissing me. When she finally stopped, I managed to say:

“You and Alexandra seemed to want to be alone”

“Not at all. We just had no experience together and there was always this sexual tension between us. Now that’s it’s taken care of, I want to focus on you. I want you. I want to be with you. You are so exotic, so new… so exiting. I want to cuddle you, I want to lick your body. I want to hear about other planets and how you grew up. Here, everyone is the same. Everyone just does what they are supposed to do without asking questions. Sure, I always thought that Alexandra had a very nice body, but I grew up with her. We think alike. You are nothing like us.”

She resumed kissing me while I struggled not to get completely covered in mud.

“Can we at least get on dry ground?”


She pulled my hand and we walked to a small patch of dry ground nearby where she proceeded to orally pleasure me until I finally managed to get over the fact we were half covered in mud enough to climax.

We kissed one more time and I spent the rest of the day learning how to plow an empty field while hoping I would never have to do it again for the rest of my life.

When it was time to get back to the monorail with Alexandra, we realized we had skipped lunch and ate roughly half of our lunch box.

The three of us sat in the monorail with our dirty body as more and more people slowly joined us on the journey back to the city.

I couldn’t wait to take a shower, but somehow, I didn’t think I would take it alone.

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