Harmony Chapter 8: Going to bed

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From the outside, the little houses looked desperately tiny. At first, I had imagined a couple living in each of the metal containers and found them terribly inadequate.

Now that I realized at the banquet that each man in the city had 3 to 5 concubines, it was even worse.

Still, I wasn’t ready for the sight I got when I peaked inside the door.

I had lived all my life in my own private mansion. My parents each had huge houses on our property which were constantly obscenely renovated in the hope of showing their significant other who was really the most successful between the two.

My own house was tiny compared to theirs but it still had 4 floors, over 20 bedrooms, three elevators, two indoor pools in addition to a spa on the roof.

I had tried to picture the tiny cabins from the outside with a small bedroom, a kitchen area as well as a small toilet. Cabin #34 however was composed of a single all purpose room without any appliances.

There was a huge bed filling the whole width of the deep end of the container. A small table with two chairs as well as a wooden wardrobe on the wall opposite the beds seemed to be the only furniture in the cabin. With only two chairs, it was clear it wasn’t meant for the whole family.

A small lamp was on the table and a ceiling neon light was fixed to the ceiling, providing the only lighting sources.

I could see a brush on the table as well as a hand mirror, but no other personal possessions were on display.

Cassiopeia briefly brushed her hair a few times while Penelope simply went to bed on the far right corner wishing us sweat dreams.

Tiffany pulled me toward the left side of the bed, excited and almost giggling, making me lose track of Mark’s actions.

“Tonight belonged to Cassiopeia but she graciously offered it to you. I am sure you haven’t had the chance to be with a man for a long time and I thought it was very nice of her”

I wasn’t absolutely sure what she meant, but I guessed that they each took turns in having sex with Mark and Cassiopeia had just offered me her chance.

I wasn’t particularly attracted to Mark but like Tiffany just reminded me, I hadn’t had sex in over a year and a little personal warmth would help me feel more at home.

Tiffany on the other hand, was perfectly my style and seeing her naked all evening had given me ideas I wasn’t sure I could act on.

I turned my head to thank Cassiopeia but she had already left the cabin, to take a walk I later learned.

Mark on the other hand, was getting ready for action. He had completely undressed in the mean time and sat next to me, opposite to Tiffany.

He was fully erect and soon locked his lips on mine. After waiting so long, I didn’t mind that he didn’t even bother to ask me if I actually wanted to do anything with him.

We moved deeper into the bed in order to be more comfortable. To my relief, Tiffany followed us and stayed next to me, holding my shoulder in a caring and passionate way.

Mark caressed my breasts and it didn’t take long for my neglected nipples to get erect. Tiffany wasn’t staying completely idle since she was caressing my hair, but I kept hoping for more privileged time with the brunette.

Mark however wasn’t at all shy. He kept stimulating me from the other side, forcing me to keep my attention on him rather than on his beautiful girlfriend laying behind me.

Soon enough, his right hand fingers were forcing their way deeply inside of me as a prelude for our eventual penetration.

By then, I had stopped caressing his well developed muscles and had started to gently rub his manhood in my hands. I didn’t want to bring him too close to his climax for fear of missing out on the action, but I also wanted to make this moment memorable in his mind.

His first words since we came inside the cabin were simple : “Are you ready ?”. I replied with the excitement of a teenage girl in front of her favourite singer: “Hell yeah, take me Mark”.

Tiffany left the bed in a hurry to jump next to her boyfriend. I was confused for a moment as to whom he was taking to but I saw that all she did was suck on his dick a few time to lubricate it with her saliva, winking at me once she was done.

This would mean that in addition to having him inside of me soon, I would have a little bit of her, making me just a little more moist.

To my surprise, Mark didn’t jump in me directly but rather helped me turn around so I would present my back to him. Initially confused as to why I was asked to turn over, I soon realized that he was aiming his cock at my rectum rather than at my moist vagina.

I didn’t mind a little anal sex but it would be the first time my fourth base would be bypassed for direct access to my rear entry.

For a little while, I was still a little stressed and the sodomy was rather uncomfortable. I couldn’t see Mike and I couldn’t see Tiffany. The only person I could see was Penelope at the other side of the bed under the covers and either she was sound asleep or faking her being asleep perfectly.

I closed my eyes to get into the mood and could slowly sense Mark’s movements as being pleasurable. I tried to imagine Tiffany once again caressing my hair until I managed to convince myself that she was back in her previous position.

To my surprise, when I opened my eyes, I saw both of Tiffany’s big brown eyes staring back at me while she was indeed using her left hand to play with my long hair.

Lost in the moment, I didn’t hesitate and I used my free hands to pull her closer and passionately kiss her while her boyfriend began kissing my shoulder in an apparent sign of approval.

Initially, Tiffany seemed surprised but she also loosened up and returned the kiss with great affection.

As I grew closer to orgasm, I left my hands wander on the brunette’s exquisite body, paying equal attention to her small breast and to her blonde curly hair.

Mark came soon after I did and pulled out exhausted on the bed, thanking me.

I wasn’t done however. As soon as I got my breath back, I jumped on Tiffany’s naked body and pressed mine against her.

My finger were no longer doing appetizers and instead were deep within her own personal space, trying to prevent Tiffany from backing away from me.

She started to moan lightly, clearly showing me that she was appreciating my actions so I eventually moved down on her to rub her clitoris and labia directly with my tongue, without pulling my fingers away from her vagina.

It didn’t take me long to get her to orgasm. She was probably already hot from seeing Mark sodomizing me and playing with my hair. Fully satisfied with my actions, I gently broke my embrace hoping it wouldn’t be the last time I got to play with my new lover.

Mark invited us under the covers where he spooned me from behind while I spooned Tiffany.

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