Harmony Chapter 14: Another Shower

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I left the cabin filthy with dripping semen from my upper chest and boobs and quickly hurried to the shower once more.

I didn’t know if sexuality was open in public and thus, didn’t want to offend anyone by flaunting any proofs of what had just happened with Mark.

I quickly rinsed the sperm from my body and stayed motionless wondering under the almost cold water what I should do with my life.

There seemed to only be manual jobs available in the list of possible professions. I was trained as an administrator, not for hard physical work.

I was used to be mostly alone, not with airheads like Tiffany. Sure, sexually it was nice, but I wouldn’t want to spend all day with Alexandra and her.

How did a loner like Cassiopeia survive on this world?

As I was thinking of my newest unexpected friend, she suddenly joined me in the shower, without saying a word.

Just like with Tiffany, it was clearly non-sexual as if it was completely normal for women to share a shower, but unlike Tiffany I detected an hint of warmth from my new shower partner.

As if she was happy to be next to me and not there simply out of convenience.

“Thank you”, she simply said as she was turning her back to me to wash her left foot.

“For what?”

“For teaching me this trick. I have to perform my duties and I hate it. Now, I’ll know what to do”

“You mean, your sexual duties?”

“Yeah, if you don’t want to get pregnant, you need to either take it in the ass or suck him until you swallow. I hate both. I don’t want him back there and I hate the taste, so I would just alternate and try to think about something else. But what you did excited him a lot and gave me the solution.”

“Can’t you just tell him you don’t want to?”

“It doesn’t work like that. He has 3 girls, so every 3 nights he wants something from us, it’s my turn. I can trade from time to time but then I have to do it twice in a row.”

“But why? If you are not interested, can’t you just tell him no?”

“That’s not the way it works. If he wants me, he takes me. I only decide where. He just has to use us equally. That’s the way it works. He cannot prefer one.”

I guess it kind of made sense when all of the girls wanted him, but this wasn’t the case.

“I understand that. That way, he is fair with all of you. But what if one of you decides to be generous and give her time to her partners? Can’t you reward Tiffany and Penelope?”

“I guess. Maybe that could be arranged from time to time. I never thought of it. You are wise Harmony. I enjoy your company. Will you join me in my orchard tomorrow, so I can teach you my trade? Perhaps you would enjoy growing apples”

“I use to go to an orchard in September to pick apples when I was a kid”

“Why only in September?”

“Because that’s when apples finish growing ?”, I replied, puzzled in the face of this obvious truth.

“Odd. Here they grow all year long.”

Interesting. I always heard that apple trees needed to freeze in the winter to actually grow apples. On this planet, there were no seasonal changes so I wondered if the fact that they managed to get apples meant that the trees grew much bigger in size.

Maybe I would like to work in an orchard if I got to climb in tall apple trees!

After all, playing with ladder while picking apples was one of my rare fond memories of time spent with my parents.

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