Lindsey Chapter 10: Forbidden Fruit

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This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series Lindsey

Lindsey woke up a little more relaxed than the previous morning.

Most of her dreams were hard to recall but as soon as she was up, she realized that she was back in the mansion, on the last day of a contract with a client she only knew as Adam.

He was still asleep, so “Eve” decided to walk to one of the caches left for her attention on the other side of the plaza.

Still naked, she realized since she had undressed on her first night she hadn’t worn anything to cover her luscious body.

She had been informed that it was one of the reasons her current client had been willing to spend 15,000$ for his 3 day fantasy and surprised herself to think that everything was turning better than she had anticipated.

When she first started doing webcam shows for Michael she had felt dirty, shameful. With time, she began appreciating performing sex as a means to an end rather than for just her own personal enjoyment.

The mansion was nothing like she had anticipated but while eating a meal bar, she accepted that she had indeed made a great decision by accepting to stay.

She brushed her teeth with a pre-pasted toothbrush and explored the changes made overnight by the silent crew of the mansion.

New fruits were installed on hooks on almost all of the trees, including bananas oddly bending downwards and apples tied in pairs.

She saw a few rabbits and tried to shake from her memory her previous meal but when she crossed path with another chicken released to the plaza she didn’t feel any pity for the winged animal.

Adam woke up soon enough and the pair walked hand in hand across the garden having fun pretending to name things.

They eventually stopped in front of a golden tree. Well, it was a tree painted with gold paint. On the tree was a single green apple.

All of the other apples seen in the plaza had been red. Both members of the couple realized that this was the forbidden fruit. Both withdrew a little but Lindsey remembered she was supposed to actually eat the fruit and encourage Adam to do so too.

She started by commenting about how beautiful the apple looked and mentioned to her Adam that it was impossible that it was the forbidden fruit for it was so much like the others.

Lindsey, in the guise of Eve the temptress, picked the apple and took a single bite out of it, declaring it was absolutely delicious.

She offered it to Adam who protested, but she insisted that if he loved her he should share her meals like she had with his.

Reluctantly, but with a visibly growing erection, Adam took a simple bite and let the apple roll on the grass.

“It was the forbidden fruit Eve ! I can see that we are naked ! The shame, the shame !”

Adam went running in the forest, leaving the baffled Eve in place, wondering what she was supposed to do.

Lindsey decided to try and find him in the garden of Eden, but he was nowhere to be found.

Instead, Julie arrived, wearing a different business suit than she was wearing usually.

“Congratulation on a contract well executed Lindsey”

“That’s it ? It’s only morning ! He is already done ?”

“His contract stipulated it would end after the consumption of the forbidden fruit on the 3rd day. It is the third day and the fruit was eaten. He is getting dressed and will leave without even saying goodbye.”

“Wow. That is the weirdest thing I have ever seen…”

“That’s not all… he wants to repeat the experience with you next year. I believe you have your first major regular customer.”

Lindsey didn’t know what to add, so she picked up a banana in the nearby tree and started pealing it.

Julie took a more serious tone. “It’s time for you to choose Lindsey. The trial is over. Are you staying or leaving ? If you want to leave, I’ll escort you out and you’ll get a plane ticket back to New York and 5000$. If you stay however, you won’t get out until you retire in a few years”

Lindsey admitted it wasn’t exactly what she expected, but nonetheless agreed to stay.

“I was hoping you’d say that… A customer saw you yesterday by accident from his balcony in a nearby building and wanted to hire you as soon as you were finished here. I’ll bring you by the cafeteria first and drop you at his suite. He wants you as naked as you are now.”

“Clients seem to like me naked, don’t they ?”

“Lindsey, you’d be surprised at how often it is a male fantasy and equally surprise at how little of the girls are willing to do it. Even if this remains your only specialty, I should be able to find you a lot of contracts.”

“What does this one wants ?”

“A triple play.”

“What do you mean ? ”

“He first wants to come in your mouth, then, using a condom, in your pussy and finally, sodomize you. He’s even paying for the time you  will be waiting for him to get ready.”

Lindsey followed her boss, relieved she’ll be able to finally just have sex and not play up a weird scenario she couldn’t begin to understand.

A triple play she mused… wouldn’t be more interesting all at once ?

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