Lindsey Chapter 3: Initiation

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Lindsey really felt excited to the idea, and didn’t hesitate one second when asked to strip naked. She simply did. After all, she didn’t have anyone outside and this was her only chance at really making a living. Even Michael wasn’t really a solution. She actually wanted to be happy here and make enough money to remains as long a possible.

Julie reminded her to put her security badge in her hair, and helped her fix it solid, yet discreetly.

The air in the corridor was warm enough to walk without clothes on, but the excitement was erecting her nipples nonetheless.

She looked at Julie, all dressed so seriously. Even thought the woman was a good 10 years older then she was, she still had a perfect figure. Her breast seemed a little smaller then her own, but she was used to that. She had sex with several other porn stars in the past, and with the exception of siliconed ones, they almost all had smaller breasts, and certainly, less firm.

Julie’s strawberry blond hair certainly looked appetizing. Lindsay had always dreamed of dying her hair, but with her jet black head, she could go brunette at best and only with a lot of bleach. She was musing about the fact that her new boss was at the exact opposite of the color range, when she saw her disrobe also with a twinkle in her eyes.

She couldn’t resist: the speech has turned her on, but she was unsure of Julie’s desires. She decided to help her undress, caressing her skin from time to time, as if it was a pure accident.

When the two woman were naked in front of each other , Julie surprise the younger girl by kissing her first and going forward, when Lindsay still wasn’t sure if she was interested.

The former web cam star had only played with two women older then her and in both case, their skin hadn’t been very pleasant to the touch. This time however, she could feel the silky epidermal caressing her breasts as her new lovers pressed their body closer together.

They were still both standing up in the hallway, so Julie disengaged herself and murmured in her partner’s ears that they would continue in their quarters.

They walked less than 2 minutes, but it was long enough for the two horny sex workers.

A few of their suitemates were in the quarters, reading or watching a movie, when the two girls came in. Most were just as nude as she was. Lindsey was briefly presented to the girls during the time it took to walk from the door to the huge bed at the other side of the recreation room of the purple suite.

It took a few seconds for Lindsey to readjust to the love making. Not only had she had her thoughts interrupted, but she was now surrounded by various girls she had never seen in her life, in various states of undress.

Rapidly, Julie’s expert movement were helping her concentrate more on what was happening in the bed, rather than around it. It was only a few seconds, much faster than usual, for her to enter her sex zone.

Julie had three ways of making sex instead of two, like others. In the first way, she was totally passive and let her partner play on her, or rather, in her. In the second way, she was active and would play with her partner.

But with the intense emotions of continuous sex, she would sometimes slip in a third zone, which she called her sex zone, in which she becomes, in her own words: “a possessed sex-crazed whore bent on screwing her brains out”.

The first few times, it scared the hell out of her: it was as if she was kicked out of her brain by her pleasure and became obsessed by sex. When she discovered ratings went up during her lustful rages, she tried to provoke them. Not only did it increase her pleasures, it also virtually eliminated her last few remaining inhibitions.

This is how she first had sex with girls, how she first drank Michael’s urine. But the best things were that not only did it last as long as she was stimulated, possibly several hours, but it also associated anything she made while in her trance with pleasure, allowing her to repeat her experiences when totally calm.

This time, it was a very good sign. It meant her body was accepting the place, and it was as if it promised her she would like it there.

When the other girls joined them her fever only increased and it is only after she had sucked each girl to orgasm that she finally let go, in one massive orgasm provoked both by the excitement and Julie’s cunnilingus which never gave peace to the newly christened member of the purple group.

Lindsey went to sleep a few seconds later, thinking about how much this had been a great initiation.

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