Lindsey Chapter 7: Engaged

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Lindsey and Alyssa got a few more small requests from customers. Taking a drink with one, eating a meal with another. Lindsey even hand fed one while Alyssa served as a foot rest.

But most of the gigs didn’t involve much sex. Alyssa did leave Lindsey’s side to perform oral sex on an Italian customer for a few minutes, but Lindsey seemed to be there mostly for serving a companion for the clients.

Near the end of the afternoon, one of the waitresses came to see the girls and told them to go to room B-324, that a client was waiting for them there.

When they arrived, they found one of the man they had taken a drink with earlier, Tom.

Tom was in his thirties but still relatively attractive. Lindsey had found him civilised and distinguished and felt rejected when he didn’t retain her services.

Tom explained he always dreamed to do a threesome with his fiancée and another woman, but that his fiancée died of a tragic car accident one year ago today.

He went down on his knee and handed Lindsey a ring asking her if she agreed to marry him. Unsure what to do she looked at Alyssa who simply nodded in approval.

Lindsey agreed and told Tom she loved him and really wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She was acting a role and wanted to really sell it.

Tom put the ring on her finger. It was a little too big, but not enough to fall easily from her hand. He hugged the naked girl and started to profoundly kiss her.

Over the next few minutes Tom slowly undressed until all three adults in the room were equally naked. Lindsey assumed that they would now have sex but instead the man whispered in her ear.

“You friend seems lonely. Perhaps you could ask her to join us ?”

The girl turned to her partner and asked her if she didn’t mind to come with her on the bed.

Alyssa decided to feign innocence and replied in a fake French accent: “I don’t want to impose… it’s your engagement celebration Marianne. You should celebrate with your future husband”

Lindsey, acting as Marianne but whishing she would be able to replicate her partner’s accent simply replied: “Nonsense, come and congratulate me”.

Tom was looking at the action but not reacting enabling the two girls to share a look confirming it was their time to have fun.

All day sexual tension had built between them due both to the lack of releasing sexual action and the unfinished sexual actions between them on the previous night.

The red head laid herself on the bed facing the supposed newly engaged girl and congratulated her officially while stroking her hair.

Seeing that Tom still stayed passive, both girls started to aggressively kiss while rubbing their bodies together. It didn’t take long for both girls to start fingering each other, visibly resuming their action from the previous evening.

Tom’s fantasy was that of a fiancée who tries for the first time having sex with another girl, but both of his partners seemed to have missed that fact and decided to have sex like well seasoned lesbians.

At some point, both girls lost themselves in the action and stopped realizing that they were being paid for this service. Fortunately for them, this was exactly what Tom had in mind.

Eventually, Lindsey started licking Alyssa’s wet pussy and it was Tom who suggested that the red head reciprocate with the sixty-nine position.

It didn’t take two seconds to make the fake fiancee react. She quickly turned around on top of her partner and positioned her own juicy lips on top of the red head’s face.

Alyssa came first. Perhaps her pleasure threshold was lower, perhaps Lindsey was more efficient in her action.

In all cases, as soon as Alyssa collapsed on the bed, Tom took Lindsey by the hand and turned her back toward him.

Having placed a condom already, he entered his pretend fiancee’s vagina and began tenderly having sex, repeating several times he loved her so much.

The fake couple kissed several times and as soon as Alyssa recovered, Lindsey was left alternating between her male and female partner of the occasion.

Alyssa tried to kiss Tom but he directed her to his fiancee instead, announcing he preferred staying faithful.

Tom didn’t waste long before coming but to her relief, Lindsey had already climaxed twice at that point, thanks to the preparation of her red headed lover.

Before long, all three members of the experience had collapsed on the bed. Neither girls moved until Tom thanked them and began to get dressed.

He invited Lindsey to celebrate their engagement with a meal but didn’t say anything to Alyssa. The couple left their partner alone on the bed and walked hand in hand to a French restaurant a few minutes away.

Lindsey remembered that meals taken with a customer were counted as gross revenues so when she skimmed the menu, she noticed that there a rather expensive chicken and shrimp fondue for two which appeared to have been placed there solely to extract more money out of customers.

With a few sexy comments, Tom took the bait and soon enough, there was a fondue set on their table with a generous amount of meat and two servings of salad.

Tom insisted to marry the meal with French wine and Lindsey agreed, mentally thinking about her potential revenues just to enjoy a nice date.

When her first pieces of meat were cooked, she realized the predicament: she was entirely naked and was trying to eat food renown for dripping hot oil due to the method of cooking.

She managed to lean close enough to the table to prevent any accidents and soon chased away any fears allowing her to enjoy the small talk which consisted mainly of Tom retelling of their past encounters. Lindsey still pretended to be Marianne and faked to remember most of the events while insisting that some of the events weren’t her fault like he insinuated.

In short, she became an actor improvising  a part and Tom seemed to agree that she was rather gifted.

He ordered flaming cakes for dessert and both ate with appetite.

Soon after supper however, Tom announced he had to part and promised Marianne he would come see her soon. He left by kissing her hand but discretely removed the ring and tuck it back into his pocket.

Lindsey, unsure of what to do simply sat back at her table to reflect back on her day. After a few minutes, the waitress asked Lindsey to follow her and guided her to door leading back to a free area.

Waiting for her was Julie who quickly hugged her. The leader of the purple suite was once again wearing her business suit which contrasted firmly with Lindsey nudity.

“I wanted to give you two important news: central has decided to already double  your minimum rate to 1000$. That means more income when clients hire you. If you don’t have anyone for a while they might give rebates, but judging from your first day it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Amazing, thank you very much. I do my best. Alyssa was a great partner”

“Yes, they noticed. They might pair you up in the future on other gigs. Speaking of which, you have a 3 day gig booked starting tomorrow.”

“Three days ??”

“Yes. We negotiated it at 15,000$ considering the request. Little work or efforts on your part and you will fit perfectly. You need some  preliminary preparation so you’ll be off duty for the rest of the day. With a 5000$ per day fee, we do not think you will miss much while you are gone.”

Lindsey wondered why a client needed 3 full days from her but was happy to be on the right tract.

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