Lindsey Chapter 4: Food

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When she woke up, a few of the girls were still asleep next to her, but Julie was gone.

One of the girls, Alyssa, was awake, reading a book in one of the sofas. She was completely nude. Flashback images made Lindsey salivate: she could remember how good the redhead tasted. Now, even if they all had tasted like honey, the whole group wasn’t sufficient to quench another hunger: her stomach.

She learned where the cafeteria and the toilets were, and when she asked where she could get some clothes to go eat, the answer startled her:

“You don’t need any sugar pie. You can go nude.”

She wanted to request some anyway, but Alyssa had returned to her reading, and none of the other girls were awake.

While sitting on the porcelain she made sure her pin was still firmly in place in her hair, and passed her fingers thru the knots to arrange herself a little.

She made sure while on her way to close any doors she opened, and leave open any that were opened, but she soon found out that not a single one was already open.

The first door outside the common area took a few seconds to unlock, but all the others were unlocked when she reached them. She was worried at how much each corridor looked identical. Each one of them was a small section, with one door on each end, and four normal doors on each side, in addition to two service doors. What disturbed her most was the lack of windows. Ever since she entered, she had not seen a single one.

She had to go forward 4 corridors, turn left on the second left door, and forward 2 corridors. It seems simple enough. It was even simpler. When she reached the door to turn left, she discovered a small green light was lit above it, as if to guide her. She knew a security crew was watching over the girls, so they must have decided to help her.

The cafeteria was not what she expected. She had pictured it to be like a school or a hospital one, with a huge room with picnic table styled tables, and a food counted on one side.

Instead, it looked more like a normal restaurant, with small 2 person square tables, and bigger round 10 or 12 seats ones.

The decoration was also closer to a high class restaurant, with once again nice paintings of girls in Victorian dresses on the wall to replace the once again absent windows.

She noticed that indeed, clothes were not required since about 40% of the fifty or so girls didn’t wear any, and a lot of the rest were not fully dressed either. Only a minority were wearing street clothes.

A waitress came to see her.

“You are new here?”

“Yes, came in yesterday. I am Lindsay.”

“Enchanted, I am Carrie. First time in this cafeteria?”

“Yes. Anything I should know?”

“All the food is free, but you are expected not to waste too much. If you order a meal, and can’t finish it, it is okay. But if you know in advance you won’t finish it, you can order a smaller plate. You must not throw away anything yourself, leave the cafeteria with any food, or give any to another girl. Everything you eat or don’t eat is monitored for your health. You can ask to bring food out, but will have to report it when you eat it.

There is no dress code, but obviously, you knew that. Sexual activities are not permitted with any support employees such as ourselves while we are on duty, thought we do have time off, so you can inquire and schedule a date even when we work.”

“You guys are sensual technicians too?”

“No. the ST are always working full time around the clock. Some of the support employees tried to be one, but were not made for it. In some cases, we get offered a job inside when we liked the place, but not the ST job itself. Others turned down the offer, but liked the place. Finally, some, like the chefs, nutritionists or nurses were hired like normal jobs. These ones are not all attracted to girls.”

“You mean all other support employees are guys or lesbians ?”

“For a girl to live here, she must either like the pay or the sex. Even thought 95% of our clients are guys, support employees can’t even approach them, so any sex is with follow coworkers, and almost all support employees are girls…”

“Oh, I get it. So you are gay then?”



“Are you gay too?”

“No, but you could say I am now bisexual. I used to be hetero, but while in the porn industry, I learned to like girls“.

“Oh, BTW, you are not supposed to talk about the outside world. Ever. Some of the girls have been here a few years, and have no idea what goes on outside. Anyway, if you want to have fun sometime, comes to see me… In the mean time, here is the menu. Pick any table you’d like, and I’ll get back to get your order.”

“Thanks. I might take you up on that offer. I just might.”

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