Lindsey Chapter 9: Adam and Eve

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This entry is part 9 of 11 in the series Lindsey

There was a flash of lightning and a pile of conveniently placed sticks of wood caught on fire.

Lindsey looked and realized that the lightning was actually caused by a strobe light and that the fireplace surrounded by rocks probably had a remote controlled lighter in it.

Her client quickly scavenged for additional wood to burn. She decided to help him but when he was clearly about to skin the beautiful rabbit he had caught, she left his side to go to one of the caches to eat a granola bar.

After emptying her bladder she returned to find “Adam” cooking the rabbit over the fireplace, having stabbed it with a long straight stick.

She didn’t eat much of the little furry animal and certainly didn’t eat with appetite. She mostly took a single bite directly on the beast whenever the cook decided to pass me the animal.

Once they were done, “Adam” started grunting and gesturing for his “Eve” to come closer. He started touching her hair and smelling it.

She noticed he was getting aroused and understood where they were getting, so she played along. Lindsey kissed him and soon enough, despite his bed breath due to a momentary lack of dental hygiene, they were embracing each other.

He was about to start the intercourse but the she held a finger up and ran toward the nearest condom cache. Her client seemed disappointed that despite the settings he would need to wear a rubber, but understood that rules are rules.

And so they fucked. That’s all Lindsey could really say about it. The young woman was guessing that being a high price prostitute isn’t the dream job she thought she was getting.

With Michael, not only did they have a good chemistry together but their goal was to put on a good show for their viewers to see. Now that she was selling her body for sex and not for porn, she was slowly discovering that the fantasy that many man seemed to have was to actually have a quickie with a beautiful setting.

This client paid a fortune to recreate the garden of Eden but just going wham bam thank you ma’am was apparently enough for him.

At least, she thought, she would be able to have sex with her coworkers in our private suite in my off hours but she still had two days to spend with this client.

Right after sex, Lindsey left him there in complete indifference. After all, they didn’t hadn’t talked together so she played the innocent virgin who hadn’t yet realized what sex was.

Lindsey wasted a few more hours wandering around but she decided that it was better for her not to pet any more animals for fear they would become the next supper.

Eventually the sun disappeared behind the buildings and “Adam” decided it was time once again for food and some sexual activities.

No animals were killed and no women climaxed in what was slowly becoming a prostitute’s nightmare. Lindsey was seriously bored and couldn’t believe she would spend another 2 full days of this complete and utter waste of time.

After sex however, “Adam” decided to cuddle and both residents of the garden of Eden fell asleep on the grass under a starry night.

Lindsey dreamed of running naked in a field of grass but somehow that didn’t help her wake up relaxed. In fact, waking up was pretty much a nightmare as she was hoping before opening her eyes that she was still living with Michael in New York and not caught in a boring scenario somewhere in Germany.

Fortunately for her, they weren’t alone. Standing in front of them was a young handsome man wearing a gray wig and artificial beard as well as a long white robe with leather sandals.

“Hello my children. I am your father, God. I have given you this garden so you may live and prosper. Do as you wish but do not eat the forbidden fruit. I am giving you the power to speak, so you may communicate with each other”.

The speech wasn’t strictly the same as from the bible but then again, the actor playing God was simply a security agent and couldn’t memorize a lot of lines.

Adam spoke first. “Hello Eve, I am Adam. I am happy that you are in my life. You are very beautiful”

Lindsey replied that she was happy too to be in his life and the couple started talking about what they had experienced over the last day.

Lindsey notably explained that when they copulated, she would like it better if he took a little more time for her to enjoy. Adam apologized explaining he didn’t know better and soon enough, the couple were finally making love.

Eve guided her partners to caress her and kiss her instead of directly heading for penetration. She found him understanding and patient allowing her to slowly prepare for the perfect intercourse.

When he finally entered her moist vagina, she was ready to receive it and they managed to climax simultaneously in the best orgasm that Lindsey had gotten since she arrived in Germany.

The couple could have spent the entire day just cuddling but they had to eat. New fruits had been installed on trees overnight while they slept and a chicken was released – and caught – in time for lunch.

Lindsey and Adam even had fun trying to name the various things they found in the garden, often suggesting weird and unusual names for simple things simply to make it funnier.

It brought Lindsey to wonder where this client got his imagination.

The second day ended on a much more positive note. The couple could talk and even managed to have some fun by the fireplace, bringing Lindsey to her second good orgasm of the day. She fell asleep with the certitude that the next night, she would finally sleep in a bed and it made her smile all night during her sleep.

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  1. Krey Says:

    -(___)- indicates a word to be removed
    CAPS denotes changes

    …and that the -(like)- fireplace surrounded by rocks…

    …to eat a granola BAR.

    After emptying her -(my)- bladder she…

    He was about to start the intercourse but the she held a FINGER up…

    …just going wham bam thank you MA’AM…

    Standing IN front of them was a young handsome…

    The couple could have SPENT the entire day…

  2. The Author Says:

    My blog to be published in 16 days called “What happened to Lindsey ?” explains how much I began regretting this particular segment of her story. I thought it would work out well but it is ending up being one of the things I regret the most having ever written.

    I normally review my stories one last time on the eve of publication, but with this one, I simply couldn’t.

    I can’t wait to return to the regular Lindsey chapters, but I must first rewrite the concluding chapter, because as it is right now, it is a major stinker.

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