Lindsey Chapter 8: Garden of Eden

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Lindsey laughed a few times when Julie explained the scenario her new client had. It was honestly the most childish and ridiculous thing she had ever heard but the client was paying 15,000$ for three days of her time, most of which she would spend simply frolicking in the nude in a fake forest.

She had planned to met Alyssa for the evening and play a little with her but duty called. She had to get herself acquainted with the location before the client arrived so she would sound more natural.

When she arrived, employees were still putting everything in place. Fake trees were added to the plaza and fruits were attached to the branches of the pre-existing ones.

Four heavy built man were busy installing a big fence to close up the plaza while another one added fake rocks in front of the already completed sections.

I wanted to ask questions to the various people but Julie had warned me not to bother them as the schedule was rather tight.

A water fountain in the middle of the plaza was partially dismounted to remove the center piece while two middle-age woman were unrolling rolls of artificial but realistically looking grass to hide all of the pavement the plaza used to have.

As she walked around, many artificial artifacts were one by one removed, leaving in the end the impression to be in the middle of a light forest.

Rare were the spots within sun covering, but if you looked through the leaves, you could see the walls of the surrounding buildings.

As the sun was setting, Julie came to see her new girl.

“They will work all night long to finish the setup. Do you want to sleep here to get used to it or sleep in a real bed to get rested ?”

“I’ll get a real bed.. if they work all night, I won’t be rested enough”

“I’ll get you one close from here. You need to be in place before the clients and he will arrive before the sunset…”

The room was actually located inside a security corridor. It was a resting place for security agents but wouldn’t be used tonight.

Lindsey noticed that unlike the rest of the mansion, the security section didn’t look fully finished.

In many of the places, there was no wall finishing and you could see the studs and the back of the walls of whatever was on the other side.

Her temporary bedroom was better prepared, but the paint on the walls wasn’t really uniform as if only one layer was placed when two would have been needed.

Lindsey dreamed of her previous day and of a specific red headed girl but her dreams never really went anywhere, not unlike her first day on the job.

Just like Julie had almost tucked her in, it was also Julie who woke her up. “You barely have time for a real breakfast so I brought you a doggy bad.”

Lindsey remembered what she would ended up eating on the following three days and dug with appetite into the croissant, muffins and other pastries in the small box.

Julie didn’t eat anything but she kept Lindsey company and even shared a coffee with her employee, the last she would take for a little while.

The two girls walked to the plaza together while it was still dark and Julie showed the few caches built for the intention of Lindsey’s usage, including the box where she needed to hide for the first few hours.

The wait was excruciating for Lindsey. The box was barely big enough to let her move and she couldn’t see anything. There were holes to let her breathe but they weren’t big enough to have a clear view of what was going on outside.

After a few hours, she heard her cue. Loud music imitating thunder resonated and on the third cannon boom she opened the side of the box and walked until she saw the kneeling naked man praying with his eyes closed.

As instructed by Julie, she laid down on the grass a few feet in front of him and closed her eyes to pretend to be sound asleep.

For a second she panicked, not remembering if she had properly hid the box from view once she exited, but it was too late to go back.

After the music stopped, she heard weird growling but kept her eyes closed until the man shook her shoulders.

Once she opened her eyes, she saw that he wasn’t particularly bad looking. He certainly looked better than her first client.

She growled something back since she was supposed to be newly born as per his scenario.

She sat down on the grass and looked at him, feigning to be completely puzzled by her surrounding.

He initially sat down before her and they spent almost an hour looking at each other as if it was the first time they had each seen someone else.

Lindsey had last eaten over 6 or 8 hours ago and was both hungry and thirsty. She rubbed her stomach to show her discomfort and her partner ran over the plaza to collect various fruits until she simply laid them on the ground, between them.

He ate a piece of a peach and gave the rest to Lindsey who ate with appetite. While eating, she noticed that they were not alone in the artificial park. Around them were a few rabbits and peacocks as well as what seemed to be some pheasants.

She remembered what her supper would actually be and decided not to pet any of the animals in case it would be the one her mate would actually roast over a fire.

She knew God would mysteriously give them speech the next morning but until then, she quickly grew tired of acting childish. Her Adam had an erection a few times, why couldn’t she just fuck him right away ? No, his ridiculous scenario needed the consumption of the apple first, on the third day.

As soon as the fruits were gone, Lindsey decided to just walk around randomly until she lost sight of her client. She immediately sprinted toward the box where she had hid earlier to make sure it was well hidden but couldn’t find it at all. She suspected that even thought they seemed alone in the park, employees were cleaning up after them.

When she found her client, he was actually hidden in a bush to empty his colon. She knew she wouldn’t have access to a bathroom but unlike him, she had rolls of toilet papers hidden in a few locations. Looking at him from a distance, she saw him use leaves to clean himself up.

She made a mental note to avoid that specific bush for the next few days and smiled when he noticed her.

He showed her the rabbit he had killed with an improvised spear made from a fallen branch possibly left on the ground on purpose by the preparation team.

Panic installed itself in her mind. If he thought she would eat an uncooked rabbit he was wrong. Just eating it cooked would already be hard enough…

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