Lindsey Chapter 5: First Client

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This entry is part 5 of 11 in the series Lindsey

When Julie came back to the Purple Suite all of the girls were gone except for Julie who was wearing her business suit.

“Ready for your training ?” was all it needed for Lindsey to become fully attentive.

Most of the training was mostly formal and procedural. How to talk to a client, what to do when you have a problem, how to get out of a sticky situation, where to find clothes and make-up, basic billing information to know how to milk more out of a customer, rules on how to interact with the other ST, distribution of a few manuals listing the more complex rules and the various courses available to help her integrate both here and in her post mansion life.

She felt like she was in school again except that she was the only student and that she was completely naked.

They had a long conversation about how was life at the mansion but everything seemed just perfect for Lindsey. She notably received a few tips from Julie on how to integrate.

The one thing that really disappointed Lindsey was hearing about the number of girls in the mansion. There were only 17 girls in the purple suite because it was the newest one but every other group usually had 20 to 22 girls and there were nine other groups for a total of a little more than 200 sensual technicians.

Some of them weren’t very active or were highly specialized but still, it meant a lot of competition.

“One of the ways you can attract clients before you have regulars is by hanging in the common areas in the hope to catch the eyes of an idle client. That why some wear sexy dresses or even walk around in lingerie. It stimulates the men’s  desires by showing more skin”

“Do some of the girl do it naked ?”

“Not as far as I know.”

“Well, I’ve been mostly naked on the Internet and it worked. “

“You certainly have the body for it. Not all of our girls have your shapely body and firm breasts. In many cases, that’s why they wear dresses: they want to hide some imperfections until the client has signed up”

“Won’t the girls get jealous thought ?”

“We frown upon competition. There are cameras everywhere and we make sure that the girls are respectful of each other. If a girl from another suite gives you trouble, she will be punished by her suite leader. If one of the girls from the purple suite girls gives you trouble, I’ll handle it. We try to form close groups and prevent tension. We don’t always succeed but we always try to correct things. The place is big enough so that if we have two girls hating each other, we can have them separated without loss for either.”

“Cool. When can I start ?”

“Whenever you want !”

Lindsey did one last check to ensure her hair was perfect and found several bottles of perfumes including her favourite.

This time Julie accompanied her to one of the common areas and gave her a recap on the markings on the doors. Lindsey admitted that even though all of the corridors looked the same the subtle hints were hard to miss once you knew where to look.

For example, each corridor has an abstract painting of some sort. They all looked different but the blobs of color were used as a map. The purple blob showed in which direction the purple suite was. The pink blob showed in which direction the pink suite was and so on. Two identical black shapes mirroring each other such as two triangles or two squares always pointed toward the closest cafeteria. Three shapes showed the direction toward a common area.

These abstract painting were located everywhere in the mansion allowing a girl to easily navigate. The corridor number and it’s location were even encoded but Lindsay didn’t master its secret yet.

The common area was richly decorated. This one looked like a 5 star resort from the Caribbean with artificial ponds and colourful  plants everywhere.

Clients were usually wearing summer clothes and the other girls were often in a bikini or a summer dress. Julie explained that each suite has a responsibility to man a common area to ensure that there are girls in each of them. This month, the Purple suite manned the beach house.

Lindsey looked around and kind of recognized a few of the girls she had met but she knew she couldn’t interact with them. The illusion of the programming needed to be maintained at all times.

Julie sat at one of the bars and let Lindsey walk around. The new girl was aware of how to approach customers and offer her services but she didn’t need to do much since within a few minutes a slightly obese man asked her to come around and she quickly noticed that Alyssa was with him.

The red head was wearing a flowery bikini bottom but had opted to go topless.

“Sweetie”, the man asked. “Alyssa here told me she knew you and that you two had sex last night. Is that right ?”

“Yes sir. Alyssa and I had sex last night”, the new girl replied in a sensuous voice. There were told to form complete sentences and call clients “Sir” instead of just answering yes or no to a question.

The client asked for a replay of the occasion and Lindsey agreed to follow them to a play room. While the client was getting a room, Alyssa whispered to Lindsey that she preferred not to be alone with the pig and thought it would be a great way for Lindsey to start making money.

Lindsey wanted to thank Alyssa but it was time to follow the man in. Things were about to get sexy…

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