Suzy and Jill Chapter 28: Waking Up

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I woke up Sunday morning from what felt like a nightmare, but I soon realized that last night’s movie was still fresh in my mind. I couldn’t shake the feeling of weakness away from me so I stayed motionless, letting both of my girlfriends cuddle me under the covers.

Was this why Jill didn’t want kids ? She not only was abandoned by her father when she was younger, as she had previously admitted, but she grew up with the constant fear of being kidnapped and abused like the poor little girl from yesterday’s movie.

When my wife and I decided to have kids, these thoughts were far from our mind and we only focused on our hopes for their future.

But Jill, if she ever became pregnant, would probably never be able to get past these fears because they were her daily life at the moment she was becoming a woman.

I so wanted to hold her in my arms and tell her how sorry I was for what she went through, but she was sound asleep next to me, barely moving and I didn’t dare to wake her from her slumber.

The sun was partially peaking through the blinds and it’s golden tint illuminated the room in a peaceful glow.

Suzy eventually began waking up and our eyes met as she first pried apart her eyelids. I silently indicated that Jill was still asleep and gently moved my head to kiss my lovely wife while trying not to disturb my sleeping beauty on the other side of the bed.

I realized that unlike Suzy and I, Jill was naked under the covers but I distinctly remembered her wearing a pj when we fell asleep. Perhaps she woke up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep from the memories brought from the movie.

In all cases, I would rather spend all day in bed with my bladder full than risking to break her peaceful sleep.

Suzy understood and whispered in my ear. “Slept well honey ?”

“Yes. Did you have nightmares ?”

“No, my brain was more focused on our movie script ideas…”, replied Suzy.

“I had almost forgotten about that after the movie”

“Yeah. Poor Jill. We should do something special for her tonight.”

We remained silent after her suggestion. I am guessing we both started thinking about what we could do to cheer her up. Of course, my thoughts turned to sex instantly and I kept thinking about gliding my naked erect cock inside her wet tight pussy causing it to harden, something my wife didn’t miss.

Without making a sound, Suzy lowered my boxers and began stroking my shaft with a smile on her face. I turned my head and saw that Jill was still sound asleep.

By the time I turned back around to kiss my wife, she was already diving under the covers to begin caressing the tip of my penis with her lips and her tongue.

My bladder was full but it wasn’t in control of my urethrae anymore. Without making a sound, Suzy began to vigorously strike my penis from both ends, with her right hand pumping from the base to the mid-point and her mouth sucking the other half.

My bladder was about to explode but my balls, who didn’t empty the previous evening, reacted first and exploded vigorously inside her mouth without either of us waking up the sexy naked woman we were sharing the bed with.

Suzy quietly pulled my boxers up and returned to her cuddling without either of us saying anything. By the time Jill finally opened her eyes, we had both fallen back to sleep.

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