Pets Chapter 28(Ellie): Cheating?

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I woke up with a strange feeling until I remembered that Richard had fucked Candy the previous night.

Both were asleep, cuddling in a big pile of nudity but I felt dirty and quickly left the bed for the bathroom. Not only did I close the door behind me, but I also locked it to feel safe and secure.

Did I sign up for this ? Did I have a problem with my boyfriend fucking his roommate ? How many times had he penetrated Candy behind my back? Was she really a lesbian or did she secretly have bisexual tendencies?

Did this mean I was into a polygamist relationship and if so, what did it change for the previous weeks?

I felt dirty. I hadn’t felt dirty like this for a long, very long time. So much that I had to put clothes on. I just was unable to remain naked while in their company.

I left the bathroom fully intending on leaving their apartment for the comfort of my own but Richard was standing with his boxers on in front of the bathroom when I opened the room.

“Hello my love. You get dressed up?”

I was boiling.

“Don’t play innocent. I know what you did last night. How often did you do it ?”

“Do what ? Let me go to the bathroom and I will be back.”

I left the bathroom intending on leaving but Candy arrived, still naked, in the mean time.

“Do you fuck him behind my back ?”, I asked Candy, bluntly.

“No, and believe me, I am just as mad as you are at him. That wasn’t the deal. Back then, I only agreed he could penetrate me when he was too horny for too long without finding a girl. Now that he has you, he wasn’t supposed to do it again.”

“Why didn’t you say anything then ?”

“I am supposed to be submissive. I let him do whatever he wants within my limits”

On that, Richard left the bathroom and joined the conversation.

“First of all girls, calm down. Candy, penetration was never outside our limits before. If you want it outside your limits, consider it done. Ellie, I am sorry. I made a mistake. Seeing you two girls having sex and being naked all day got the better of my restraint. You came before I did and I was left alone to handle my desire. I saw Candy masturbating and decided to finish with her. I asked you and your agreed.”

He asked me ??

“You asked me? When?”

“After you pulled out”

“Well, I am sorry. If you said something, I have no recollection of it.”

Candy intervened.

“And you didn’t ask me at all”

“It never stopped you before. You like being ordered”

Candy was now grilling him. “Well yeah, when I am submissive, I find it humiliating to be penetrated. Sorry if I feel like that, but having you inside of me is a punishment. Given the choice between feeling you ejaculate while inside of me and peeing all over my body, I take the golden shower. At least, it doesn’t make me feel dirty.”

Wow, I didn’t realize that Richard had pissed off Candy just as much as he had pissed me off.

“Well sorry, to both of you. It’s not like there is a clear manual telling me how to be a master to both of you and a boyfriend to only one of you at the same time. I got confused.”

Candy was still on fire, but I was starting to feel pity on him. It was hard to decide how to act.

“Well, mister don’t worry, I’ll never abuse you sexually, you certainly enjoyed my cunt last night. I thought it was her you wanted. I never signed up for heterosexual sex.”

“You didn’t complain at all last year after the halloween party”

“Hey, don’t you bring that up asshole. I was dressed as slave leia and chained to you all evening. I was hot from feeling submissive and had an orgasm from our sexual relation because of the BDSM mood, not because of your dick.”

Richard was apologizing, but Candy suddenly had an epiphany.

“You know what, I take it back. I am not mad you had sex with me. I am mad because it wasn’t in a BDSM fashion. If only you had decided to do it to humiliate me or abuse me. No, I felt like I was your replacement girlfriend. Ellie had finished too soon and I had the only available cunt in the room for your cock. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BEING FUCKED BY YOU ANYMORE. Is that clear?”

“Yes Candy, sorry…”

I felt confused by her words, so I asked.

“But Candy, does this mean that if he humiliates you, he can still have sex with you ?”

“Ellie, for BDSM, I’ll do almost anything he wants provided you agree with it, but you are the girlfriend, not me. His dick has no place in my cunt.”

“Well, in a BDSM mood, perhaps I can see it. We have sex in a BDSM mood and I happen to cum first, so he decides to turn around and finish with you.”

Richard, who had been silent so far, began to sport a visible erection through his boxers.

“That’s what I did yesterday. I even used the same condom”

I ignored his comment and went on.

“If he adds those degrading comments like you mentioned, it becomes clear that he is having sex only with me and that when it’s your turn, he instead abuses you sexually. I don’t feel like I am being cheated on. Under those circumstances, I don’t really mind, I think, that he finishes in you. Could be fun to add a little excitement. It could even be a nice punishment: I get to see him fuck you and ignore me when I have been bad.”

Richard asked Candy what she thought of it, and she agreed it was a good plan.

I just wanted to make sure that Richard got the idea clear.

“Let me make that clear in your mind Richard. If you have sex with Candy while I am not there, we are done. Is that clear ? I am your girlfriend, not Candy. BDSM play in my absence is fine, but not sex, ever.”

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