Olivia Chapter 8: Pleasuring her

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I was still in the bath, enjoying the few minutes I still had to myself when Emily came bursting through the room, naked.

“Get out cunt. You still have work to do.”

I left the bath and was thrown a towel. “Come to the master bedroom when you’re dry. I am timing you”

I wiped myself with the towel as fast as I could and ran toward the bedroom, almost slipping a few times due to my still partially wet foot soles.

Emily was naked on the bed, laying on her back.

“Lick me. Make me come”

I jumped on the bed and began licking Emilie’s clitoris and lips. There was a weird taste compared to my friend before I became a slave and soon realized that she hadn’t taken a bath since she removed her chastity belt. I was basically tasting all of the sweat and urine that had stuck in there instead of being normally absorbed by panties.

Still, it’s not like I had much of a choice. I was to take note of her orders to better boss her around on the following days. Emily wanted to be humiliated and perhaps this was one of the ways.

Perhaps I could wear my new chastity belt all day long from now how and get Emily to clean me with her tongue before being penetrated by her husband.

She had seemed to enjoy a lot her cleaning duties and maybe this was her way of pointing out what it was she wanted exactly.

I successfully made her climax but it wasn’t enough. She pulled out a strap-on dildo to use on her, first vaginally then anally.

It was rather technical with almost no sensuality. I had to rock back and forth until she would tell me to move on.

It’s was really sex, which implies some level of passion, but just plain human movements performed to provide physical pleasure. In a way, it was more like a dog humping your leg than a couple engaging in fornication.

But she seemed to enjoy it, especially after spending all that time in a chastity belt.

She fell asleep in bed once we were done and I decided not to move at all. Perhaps she would sleep for a few hours and let me relax a little, thought pleasuring her wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. It certainly beat drinking her urine.

Sadly, less than 30 minutes later, she woke up put on a dress and ordered me to fix lunch. I barely learned how to cook but she was still micro-managing me, often spanking me a few times because I didn’t do exactly as she ordered or just because of some imaginary tort she would dream of.

I cooked a big steak for her along with two small potatoes and little carrots. I placed all of the food in one plate, but she made me kneel naked on the floor next to her.

Every few bites, instead of swallowing, she would kiss me and transfer her bite from her mouth directly to mine, feeding me like I was a baby bird still in the nest.

I cleaned up all of the dishes, but soon enough, we were back in bed only this time, sex wasn’t on table.

Instead, for the rest of the afternoon, Emily tied me up in various positions with either rope or leather restraints and would simply spank me or whip me until I eventually collapsed and fell asleep on the bed.

Sorry if I cannot be more precise, the day was already confusing enough for me.

Eventually, Patrick arrived and found me still tied and asleep on the bed. He talked with Emily after kissing her, waking me up. I made sure not to move to let them enjoy a few moments together while they think I am still asleep.

“So Emily, what’s the count now ?”

“15 I believe. 16 would be stretching it, but tomorrow evening, it will be 16.”

“Are you sure she’s ready ?”

“We can give her a few more days to be sure, but I don’t think we’ll do better with more time.”

“I think she’s awake. Let’s go eat supper.”

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