Susanna Chapter 28: Slave to Simon

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After a few days, my labia was back to normal but to say that I was back to being a normal girl would have been exaggerated.

First of all, I no longer had a vagina accessible to, well, anyone. Second of all, I had a small tube of plastic coming out of my labia which acted a lot like a penis for urinating. It allowed me to even pee while standing up in front of the toilet without ever making a mess.

Hey, even Simon with 21 years of experience peeing standing up wasn’t as precise as I was.

So, Simon and I were reduced to only having sexual activities that two men can have with each other: sodomy and fellatio.

Of course, Simon played amply with my breasts and I clearly had the shape of a woman, but that was pretty much the restrictions in our sexual activities.

Well, that’s not entirely true for I would perform a few hand jobs and often would mix and match: first a blow job to lubricate his shaft with my mouth, following by a sodomy until I would climax and if he didn’t come yet I would finish him by continuing the blow job without bothering to clean him up.

Just to prove my dedication, I even penetrated his anus a few times with my tongue, something he didn’t enjoy a lot but since we pretty much had nothing else to do all day it broke the routine.

Still, I felt like a girl. He treated me as such despite the undertone that I clearly was his slave. He would open the door for me, tell me that I am beautiful or attractive. He would let me take long baths and even bring a brush so I would arrange my hair after I washed it.

He often would use the brush as a paddle afterward but it was something we both really enjoyed.

I did have to hide in his apartment a few times when his mother was around to conceal my presence, but she seemed to keep to herself, in general.

Simon has also been slowly gaining in dominance outside of sexual activities and I have been drifting into a real full time submission, remaining naked at all times.

Everyday a new rule would be added, and new tests devised, which I would always fail on the first run to give a chance to my master to punish me.

Yesterday, for example, after a torrid anal relationship in the sauna, I was “forced” to lick all his body to dry his sweat. I took my time enough to make sure, still being in the sauna, that he would always sweat more than I could lick off. Of course, my master was angry (or rather, played the angry master), and we eventually left the sauna.

I received 20 wonderful paddlings on each ass cheek. I was then forced to take an icy cold shower, which was truly icy considering we had just left the sauna. After my complaints (and 5 more paddlings for whining), we got back in the sauna which was definitely hotter now that the shower had cooled me. I licked his body fast enough to dry him, and we left for his room where my master sodomized me. We both lost a little control due to the intensity of the sex.

In fact, we were starting to get a very huge sexual complicity: Now our orgasms where almost always simultaneous, and I must say that being refused penetration or even direct clitoris stimulation really increased the sensitivity of my breasts and anus.

Oddly enough, I stopped longing for my pussy to be free again. I was quite happy with my new life. My own pleasure was not important, and Simon had perfectly adapted to sodomizing me or letting me stimulate him with my mouth or my hands.

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