Cathy Chapter 10: Two couples

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When I was young, I believed that love was between a man and a woman, but as I grew up, I began to realize that it was a little more complex than this simple truth taught us by fairy tales.

First of all, not everyone is heterosexual. This means that sometimes, love is between two men or two women. I wasn’t close-minded and neither of my parents were either, so that was an easy lesson to learn.

As a teenager, I learned about sex and that it was something that people in love did together. That meant that a man and a woman could have sexual relations when they were in love.

As an extension, I realized that homosexuals must also have sex. I wasn’t sure how: I didn’t know about oral sex or anal sex, only penetration, but that was still fine with me. It was their life and who was I to judge?

When I lost my virginity, it was to a boy I loved, but I realized it wasn’t really mutual. Many girls apparently freak out over this, but I just realized that sex can occur without love being present in both participants.

Eventually, I even warmed to the idea that sex and love were two separate things, something that swingers hold as one of the basis of their philosophy.

You see, when the swingers first came, the resort wasn’t an adult resort yet and all of their sexual activities occurred behind closed doors. It didn’t mean I didn’t get to see anything, I just didn’t see anything sexually explicit.

By then, the resort had already it’s nude beach with myself as it’s official bartender in my birthday suit uniform. It tended to put the clients at ease, to make them feel like I was with them.

Of course, what they didn’t know is that I just had started to like being naked under the sun and that I wasn’t a swinger yet in any form or fashion. I did already accept the separation between love and sex, but for me it only meant that when you weren’t in love, you could still have casual sex.

For them, it meant that even when you were in love, you could have casual sex with other people, in particular, with other people being another couple with whom you swapped partners.

That was how I viewed their activities. Two couples would meet and each man would go back to his room with the other man’s wife.

How very limited of me! Even though some swingers must have such encounters, the reality is that when more then 2 persons are having sex, the number of possible combinations increased. Some swingers didn’t even have penetration with other people, they just liked petting other people or even just having sex with their spouse while another couple is doing the same thing next to them.

I quickly got used in being the third wheel in a threesome, first only as an alternate partner for the man, but eventually as a full member of the trio willing to also pleasure (and be pleasured by) the wife.

I had been in foursomes with Pedro and in fivesomes with two couples before, but that was already beginning to feel crowded. When three women and two men, it often meant that one of the women would be left unsatisfied in the first round and that woman usually wasn’t me.

The unlucky lady was often understanding but sometimes, when the tone was raised I took it as my cue to leave, making me miss the second round.

But yesterday, I went further than I thought possible…

Not all of our suites are the same size. We have a “big family suite” which has 2 king size beds. Once popular with families with kids, it was now only used by pair of couples who knew each other or bigger couples like a dominatrix with two or three submissives.

This week, it’s rented by two swinger couples who are so close I am not fully sure how they pair when not in the resort. The four of them happen to be rather young and thin, a combination I rarely get to see during swinger weeks.

On the day after their arrival, both women, as naked as I was, flirted with me by the side of the pool and we ended up having sex on a pair of patio chairs while their boyfriends watched us.

It was rather nice and because I enjoyed myself, I accepted their invitation to spend the night with them in their room.

Well, I didn’t actually spend the night, but we had a nice party and I ended up being the recipient of a double penetration while I was performing oral sex on one of the two women.

I had no idea where the other one was, but I didn’t particularly care, my mind was already having enough problems just staying in the moment.

I had received a double penetration before, but the addition of the cunnilingus was new. I had a hard time concentrating on moving my tongue and climaxed before I was able to properly get my female partner in the mood.

Once I was done, each of the two men picked a new partners and the action continued as I left the room.

I wasn’t ashamed, but I was tired and I didn’t want to be the fifth wheel. They were patrons and I was a member of the staff. I knew where to draw the line.

But yesterday was different and that was something that I was both looking forward to and something my stomach was tied into a knot for.

As I walked into their room, I started counting the heads already in action and lost track at 12, plus the two men standing in front of the bed, putting condoms on.

With my addition, the sexual action would count at least 15 people on the two king sized beds pushed together for the occasion.

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