Cathy Chapter 3: Mixing it up

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In case you haven’t caught on yet, I am a very sexual woman.

I don’t consider myself out of the ordinary but I must admit that I also consider that ordinary woman are just not living up to their own sexuality.

Men are usually taught to act on their urges while women are taught that if they act on theirs, they will be branded as whores, cunts or worse.

I grew up on a vacation resort in Jamaica. It may be stereotyped but I learned that the same girls who were branded as whores not only seemed more happy but also were with happier men.

As an employee of a resort, you see everything. When the man leaves this wife on the beach to pick up two margaritas, does he look at the topless girls tanning near him ? Does he flirt with the sexy waitress who gives him his drink ?

If whores and cunts attract dirt bags, can you explain to me why their boyfriends or husbands are usually loyal while the prudes and the so-called ladies have unfaithful partners ?

I am not talking about swingers, they of course are in another class. I am talking about your normal couple on vacation to rekindle their romance. The other employees and I hold bets on which men will cheat on his wife and in general, the more prudish the woman, the least loyal the man.

Pedro and I have this simple theory. If the man cannot get what he wants at home, he looks elsewhere but if he gets what he wants, why would he need to ?

In fact, even if I am not his official girlfriend, I rarely see Pedro looking at other woman. He keeps telling me I am all that he needs, even when we haven’t had been together for weeks.

Of course, I do keep him busy pretty much all of the time. I haven’t seen him personally for a few days, I should go see him later today.

Like I mentioned earlier, swingers are quite different. They will often whisper about other couples or even talk openly in front of the staff of whom they want to approach.

This week was composed of mostly BDSM adepts but I did spot on arrival a few swingers. The two life styles aren’t completely divided but I was told a few months ago that BDSM adepts who also enjoy swinging are very different than swingers who are a little kinky.

Apparently, those kinds of swingers do not truly get what BDSM is and get on the nerves of “pure” BDSM adepts but I am not sure I would be qualified to really explain the difference as I would probably put myself in that category.

For me doing BDSM is just a few kinky things that add flavour to sex. It’s not really a lifestyle choice. I just have customer I find attractive that into that kind of stuff so I go along with it.

Not all BDSM guests are swingers however. I mentioned in my previous entry a triad, a young man with two beautiful girlfriends.

His dark haired one didn’t wear a stitch of clothing of the entire week and his blond girlfriend mostly copied her. Despite all of their sex in public places, they rejected every swinging offer but I think I saw them in a few group BDSM scenes.

The two girls did walk on all fours quite a lot and I even saw them play Frisbee on the beach where the girls brought the disc back in their mouths. They barked like dogs and even had a tail inserted in their ass.

I felt a little sad that they didn’t swing because I found none of the other male guests attractive. Most of them were simply overweight or rather old. I did spot two submissive men who were a little cuter but I prefer my men in charge. Seeing a man pulled by a leash turns me off completely.

Fortunately, Pedro had the night off so I invited him for a dip in our pool after sun down.

I had replaced the white water-lights years ago to variable color lights which changed slowly over time. My father was still in charge then and yelled at me over their cost but today, our guests were usually in love with them.

Tonight wasn’t an exception. Nathalie, the lesbian dominatrix, was wearing a sexy black bikini while her slave Kaitlin (or was it Caitlin ? I can never figure out exotic names) was kneeling naked by the side of the pool with her metal chastity belt.

I was naked in the water but as usual, Pedro insisted to wear a bathing suit to swim. A few other couples were in the giant pool and even saw my three young friends all naked for a change, thought both girls were wearing a collar.

The blond had received oral sex from Kaitlin on the side of the pool a little earlier in the evening but the poor chaste woman hadn’t reached her quota yet and was left alone, frustrated.

I pulled Pedro a little closer to the trio and pulled his bathing suit down until he helped me remove it. We had a silent understanding which meant that when I did remove the suit it meant I was ready for more action.

By the time the bathing suit was dripping on the side of the pool my sexy mulatto was already as hard as a rock. He leaned on the pool wall for support and I carefully aligned myself with his erect cock.

Sex underwater is far from as exciting as fantasies claim, thought I am unsure if its just me. The problem is that the water which gets in seems to dissolve all my natural lubricant and the movement feels like we are rubbing against sandpaper.

Pedro and I weren’t on our first attempt and simply took it slow. Our neighbours had imitated us with the black hair girl mounting her beautiful young boyfriend. The blond remained on their side, between them and us, turning her back to me.

Both girls kissed quite a lot and I decided to caress the blonde’s hair with my left hand, letting Pedro to hold me in place.

I could hear them whisper to each other but couldn’t make out the words. Eventually however, the blond turned around and began caressing my hair.

Within seconds, the two of us began kissing passionately and I saw the other couple slowly approaching us.

I blindly explored the blonde’s body with my hand while keeping my eyes locked into hers. My hand bumped against another hand and I realized that the dark haired girl was also caressing the blond.

After a few seconds, the blond turned around without removing her hand from my chest and passionately kissed her original partner, but she soon enough removed her hand to turn her back to me. I kept caressing her hair to show my interest.

For a few minutes, the blond focused on her other partner and soon enough, I could hear the dark haired girl climax thought the blonde was sadly blocking my view.

The other couple left the pool to go on a beach chair near us where the black hair woman gave a fellatio to her man to give back on the orgasm she had just received.

Fortunately for me, the blonde stayed in the water and dedicated herself on pleasing me. We kissed a lot while she caressed tenderly my body sending shivers which Pedro had to compensate in order to prevent me from failing.

After a few minutes, the blonde started gently rubbing my clitoris and my pleasure suddenly increased. Until that moment, Pedro had been my primary sexual partner for the evening but the blonde’s tender movements were definitely more pleasurable than the sandpaper feeling down my cunt.

I reciprocated with my fingers on my new partner’s vagina while both of us were tenderly kissing but the waves of pleasure I was getting prevented me from being particularly agile.

I came without breaking my kiss and almost went limp from the orgasm. Pedro hadn’t come yet but he would need to solve his problem himself. He wasn’t the partner I wanted to please anymore.

I pulled myself away from his grasp and stood in the water in front of my female partner. I resumed our kiss and continued to stimulate her digitally. I proposed we leave the water and she nodded in approval.

We picked the beach chair next to her partners who were now resting next to each other. I pushed the blonde girl so she would rest on her back and kneeled in front of her to start licking her clitoris.

I was not oral sex expert on woman, but I had picked up a few tricks along the way and seemed to make an effect on the blonde. Her friend soon joined us but simply kneeled by the side of the chair and kissed our common partner while caressing her breasts.

She seemed to ignore me so I concentrated fully on my current partner, alternating between a cunnilingus and occasional manual stimulation to rest my jaw. Eventually, I managed to make her climax but it seemed to be a rather small one.

I was still thanked by the blonde but the dark haired girl returned to her boyfriend without talking to me.

I invited the blonde for a repetition any other day of the week and she replied, smiling, that her name was “Candy“.

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