Cathy Chapter 11: Action

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So there I was, standing in front of a bed with 12 people currently having sexual activities. I wouldn’t say they were having sex, simply because a lot of the action didn’t seem to be directly sexual.

People were kissing each other and caressing each other but there wasn’t that many overtly sexual activity going on. It looked more like a bunch of naked people having a massive snuggle party than an orgy.

Under those conditions, I decided to simply jump-in. What was the harm? It’s not like I ever really was hesitant in past sexual encounters and not only did they turn out to be positive experiences but everyone on the bed seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The two men who had penetrated me the previous time were in the middle of the group, with one of their girlfriend. I could hardly get close to them.

But the girl I had performed oral sex on during my double penetration was on the left, busy frenching a man I had never seen while using her right hand to masturbate him and her left arm to stabilize herself. I believe her name was Stacy.

The man in question was busy caressing her breasts but the man behind him, Greg, was actively stimulating my former partner’s clitoris from the other side of her current partner.

There was a little space left behind her, so I decided to cuddle her myself and began caressing her neck with my lips while gently rubbing my right hand over her thigh.

Without removing her hand from the cock she was stroking, she broker her kiss and turned her face toward me. Recognizing me, she smiled and without saying a word pivoted toward me to kiss me profoundly. I could taste on her mouth the lubricant of a woman and there was an hint of sperm fluid aftertaste, but I didn’t really mind.

When we briefly broke our kiss, I realized that Greg could no longer reach her and was now standing in front of the bed while her previous kisser was getting closer to kiss her neck like I had previously done.

I couldn’t see her right arm anymore, but through her kiss I could feel she was still stroking the man and I slowly let myself go into the mood of the moment, floating on the delicate sensations provided by her lips.

After a little cruising on the emotions, she moved again to jump on my naked body and began using her left thigh to rub it against my clitoris, between my legs.

Her pussy was just in the right place for me to insert a few fingers and try to return the favor, but soon, Greg was back, this time, behind me.

Pinned by my Stacy above me and on both sides by her two male partners, I felt trapped but still riding on the adrenaline rush of being caressed by three somewhat attractive person.

I could feel two male hands caressing my mound each time Stacy’s leg relented and above, the three of them were either caressing my breasts or simply stroking my skin.

Greg was rather gentle with his touch, but the other man was rather aggressive and I didn’t like it that much. Sadly, he was busy kissing Stacy and I could only see the back of his head. I turned briefly to look at Greg and see what he was doing and he took the opportunity to kiss me rather abruptly on the mouth, pushing his tongue down my throat.

I realized that Greg was using one hand to caress my clitoris and another to hold himself straight. Stacy was busy kissing the man she used to be masturbating and he was lifting himself to kiss her with his right arm, his left was now busy caressing Stacy’s left breasts while I was myself busy with the right one.

I could still feel multiple hands touching my body in other places, but all of my three current partners hands were accounted for.

I wanted to take a look around, but I couldn’t lift myself because I felt pinned on the mattress.

Somehow, a condom was placed on Stacy’s kissing partner’s cock and quickly, Stacy jumped on him in the cow girl position.

Before I managed to react, one of the men who had been standing up in front of the bed with a condom on jumped in the void left by Stacy before Greg even had a chance to fill it himself.

Not realizing what was going on, Greg resumed kissing me, using his hand to forcibly turn my head toward him and without even seeing the face of the newcomer, I felt him force his way down my vagina as his first action toward me.

Feeling violated, I turned toward Greg who I knew wasn’t wearing a condom, expulsing the erect cock from my private region.

While on my side, I take up less space then when I lie on my back, so the rapist, I am sorry, I don’t have another word at this point for him, decided to lay next to me in bed.

This was somewhat an improvement. I didn’t mind having sex with strangers. I would have welcomed Greg’s cock inside my vagina at almost any point of the evening. Stacy’s partner could have even penetrated me without any complaints on my part.

This was an orgy after all… I came to have mindless sex in a wriggling dance of naked bodies.

But this man had not been a participant of the dance. He had simply stood in front of the bed, waiting for an available wet pussy to stick his dick in and it just happened that mine was for a few second.

I might have welcomed it if he had asked. I would have welcomed Greg without any words on his part just like I had accepted his fingers.

But this man had the nerve to just jump on the bed without giving me the chance to say a word.

I concentrated on Greg, stroking his dick to get him in the mood. I even whispered “I want you in me” to his ear, bringing a little laugh from his mouth and additional kissing.

That when it happened. The newcomer hadn’t kissed me, talked to me or even made eye contact with me. I had pushed him out of my pussy and I thought it was a signal clear enough that I wasn’t interested.

Instead, he grabbed my pelvis and began pushing with his cock against my rectum. I tried to turn around and push him away, but he was holding me too strongly.

He managed to get inside before I successfully pushed him. Hurting me, he rocked his own pelvis to get the stimulation he wanted with little less than the half dried up lube present on his condom to protect me.

I tried to yell, but my mouth was dried up by the emotions. I swinged my right arm behind me at random, trying to grab him, but instead I hit Stacy’s stomach.

“Cathy, what wrong?”, she asked, with a hint of panic.

Fortunately, Greg understood. Maybe he saw it in my eyes. Maybe he realized that I was focused on him, and not the new guy.

Greg jumped off the bed and pulled the man by his shoulder, forcibly removing his cock from my anus and threw him on the floor, breaking his nose in the process.

Most of the people stopped moving when the guy screamed in pain. Greg had an erection when he started moving, but he certainly didn’t have one when the guy hit the floor.

“Asshole, even in an orgy you make sure the girl wants it. You don’t wait stick it anywhere you want”

A faint sorry escaped the guy’s mouth before he ran outside of the room.

The mood was broken, and both Greg and Stacy made sure I was alright. Stacy insisted to walk me back to my room, holding my hand the whole way, and Greg followed from a distance, without even putting any clothes on.

I hugged up and kissed Greg on the cheek. “Rain check for the action?” I told him, and he just smiled.

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