Cathy Chapter 5: Eating Candy

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So, I am not really bisexual. I prefer men above women most of the time. Well, I also prefer Pedro above most men, but that’s another discussion.

I do however enjoy the company of women, notably in bed. Women know how to touch each other and we tend to be more sensual in our movements.

Sure, when I am having sex with a woman it takes me a lot more time to go anywhere, but at least we are not really limited in time.

Perhaps that’s why I like Pedro. He wasn’t the hardest worker or the most diligent employee, but when it comes to sex, he knows how to take his time and prolong my pleasure.

My other lovers tend to take more than they give while Pedro seems to enjoy the opposite. He is a man of little words but he still knows how to use his mouth.

But tonight, Pedro was working. One of the pool filters clogged again and he had to fix it as fast as possible to keep the water clean.

I could wait for him to complete his task but I knew he would go straight to bed right afterward. I always hated it when he worked evenings: not only was he unavailable because of work but he never had energy left for me.

So I ended up doing my walk of shame: I put my waist chain and a pair of high heel shoes and decided to patrol the resort otherwise as naked as the day I was born, looking for some company.

This week being a BDSM week meant not only that most of the guests weren’t really interested in having sex with me but also that their favourite activity wouldn’t really please me.

Playing Frisbee on the beach is one thing. Being spanked for hours by the side of the pool is another.

Speaking of the flying disk, I saw my three friends sitting at one of the pool side bars. Ellie and Candy were both as naked as earlier this afternoon and Richard was topless but wearing beach shorts.

Ellie was sitting on Richard but I realized that Candy seemed bored, so I took the initiative to sit next to her.

I was never sure on what the BDSM protocol is supposed to be. Can I talk to a submissive? Can I only address the master? But then again, Richard was passionately kissing Ellie and I didn’t want to bother them.

Fortunately, Candy smiled when she saw me and took the first steps in addressing me.

“So Cathy, did you have fun on the beach ?”

“Yes, I did, but not as much as in the pool”

It was Candy’s turn to blush, so I took the lead.

“If I may be blunt, are you busy tonight ?”

“I’d have to ask my master, but I don’t think so. Did you have something in mind ?”

“Well, the other night, I proposed we did a repetition. I was wondering if you were up to it”

“I’ll be honest with you Cathy, I’m gay. I don’t know exactly what you wanted a repetition of…”

I placed my hand on her shoulder and told her: “I understood that part. That’s what I wanted in a repetition of, and perhaps a little more this time.”

Candy placed her hand on my thigh and leaned forward to kiss me.

We were both sitting at the bar on our respective stools and couldn’t envision either placing her on my lap or jumping on hers, so instead, I led her toward one of the patio chairs by the side of the pool.

Richard and Ellie didn’t follow us and seemed oblivious to Candy’s departure, allowing us to concentrate on discovering our bodies.

We both laid down on the chair on our side, facing each other and pressing our bodies with erotic lust. I wouldn’t say that passion was moving us but there was certainly a certain desire behind our actions.

Candy was actively rubbing her thigh on my clitoris in a rhythm that wasn’t particularly unpleasant but her circular massage of my breasts provided for the moment more stimulation.

I tried to reciprocate with my own thigh but I was unable to get my act together before Candy flipped over and both started licking my pussy lips while pressing her own cunt near my face.

I rolled on my back and allowed her to mount herself above me. Her naughty bits were deliciously dripping wet right into my mouth as I was licking her young thigh pussy wondering when was the last time a cock had visited her.

I recalled my last sexual encounter with Pedro and it excited me even more to remember that Candy was also present for the occasion, bringing me a vivid memory of her expert touch to compliment the wanton sucking on my lips.

I felt Candy search for a way to insert her hand under my buttocks and unsure of her goals I slightly lifted my buns to help her out.

After a few seconds of exploration, she entered a finger in my rectum without stopping to lick my clitoris, sending waves of pleasures.

I always enjoyed anal sex but somehow Pedro always refused to take me from behind.

When I was beginning to lose a little bit of focus, Candy made me turn over so I would be face down on the lawn chair. I wondered why until I felt Candy’s tongue licking between my cheeks.

It seemed Candy was into some rather kinky anal sex and I wasn’t about to reject her. I tried to relax as much as possible until I felt her tongue gently enter inside my sphincter.

Candy spent quite a lot of time trying to stimulate me in this matter and even thought it wasn’t unpleasant, she eventually realized she wouldn’t be going anywhere this way.

As soon as she moved away from me, I pulled her next to me and I took my turn to try and please her by going down on her.

There was no way I would reciprocate in the same manner. Receiving anal-oral sex was one thing but performing it was outside my comfort zone.

Performing a cunnilingus however wasn’t and I tried to match my rhythm with Candy’s moaning until I felt her body spasm in almost silence as a reaction to my efforts.

Well, that’s what I thought originally, but looking back at it, I am more inclined to think that the oral sex she performed on my rectum was mostly for her own benefit rather than mine for she came rather quickly after that.

She had collapsed on the lawn chair and I simply kissed her hair before walking away to the nearest bar. I watched her sleep on the chair until Richard came to retrieve her for the night.

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