Cathy Chapter 12: Ugly Duckling

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This entry is part 12 of 13 in the series Cathy

Sorry folks for having let you hang waiting for the conclusion of my swinger’s week for so long. It was fun, I had sex with many people and now, even with some women.

I even participated in an all female orgy!

I admit, I still preferred men, but having lesbian sex was a nice diversion…

Speaking of men, one of the reasons I ended not writing sooner was that my most dreaded week of the year was coming by. No, a nudist week, like I mentioned earlier… our homosexual week.

Don’t get me wrong! I like gays! They are nice, are very sexual, have a lot of money and like to party. They also tend, being men without a woman to restrict them to enjoy spending a lot of time nude, but an erotically charged nude, something I will never complain about.

The association which reserves my resort has a lot of very in shape guys, with a completely shaved body and well defined muscles… yummy!

One of them even enjoy my company and treat me like a sort of gay icon, almost idolizing me!

Sadly, it also means that none of them are sexually interested in me.

It’s like seeing the best all you can eat buffet, with all of your favorite food, but nothing you can actually eat.

I felt like a person with a nut allergy in a peanut museum: sure, it looks good, but what’s in it for me?

To make matters worse, Pedro, while not being homophobic at all, isn’t comfortable during that week because, well, he gets more attention from the clients than I do the rest of the week!

A little insulting isn’t it?

At least, now, I am secure enough to not bother with clothes even during that week. I used to be too body conscious, but as my fondness for nudity was raising, my need for acceptance went hand in hand.

Still, I spent less time patrolling the resort or doing external tasks and took the opportunity to work on the resort’s website, on our policies or on calling past clients to book more weeks. Oh, and don’t forget accounting…

It’s only on Tuesday that I decided to take a walk in the evening, about an hour before sunset.

The pool was surrounded by hunky and interesting guys (and a few less), many of which were occupied by various intimate or sexual acts. A couple kissing here, a guy doing two hands job at once and quite a few fellatios, though I didn’t see any 69s… this seems to mostly interest lesbian girls and heterosexuals it seems, at least from my very limited point of view on gay┬ásex. Surprisingly, there wasn’t that many sodomy as I would have thought, as usual, but perhaps they didn’t like it that much outdoors and confined it to their rooms.

As always, I was only given brief looks as I took my walk with most of the men just looking in my general direction and returning to their previous occupation.

I sat at our pool bar, where Jason was working tonight. He loves the gay weeks because it’s the weeks where he gets the most tips. He often flirts with the gays, even if we both know he is 100% straight. Well, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t actually have sex with Jason, but I saw him several times enjoying it when swingers got in town.

I took a margarita, Jason’s specialty when the two customers decided to strike up a conversation with me. Both were just wearing bathing suits and scandals.

“So, you’re the manager, right?”

“Yes, Cathy. Is something wrong?”, I asked, because honestly, that’s usually why they talk to me, though I love it when they just thank me…

“Oh, not at all… My boyfriend Todd and I were wondering something. Oh, I am Paul by the way.”

“Go ahead Paul, I am all ears”

“Well, it’s a little private…”

Jason nodded and went on a break, leaving the three of us alone.

Todd took over the conversation…

“You see Cathy, we read online that some of the employees took part in the, well, action. Like have sex with the guests, like when the swingers visit…”

“Some do, but we don’t offer a service like that. I mean, it’s not a service of the resort. Some of the employees, in their off time, participate in the, say, events of the week. But it’s up to them. I have nothing to do with that. I only speak for myself. If you want to have sex with one of my employees, just ask them. Unless you need me to give him time off… but even then, we’re pretty open.”

“Yeah, that’s why we wanted to talk to you, personally…”

“You need me to approve some time off for someone?”

Jason and Todd looked at each other and smiled..

“Not example”, Jason added. “We wanted to know if you would be interested.”

“Interested? In what?”

“Well, a threesome with the two us?”

“Aren’t you too gay?”

“Well, we’re both bi-curious.”, replied Todd. “Well, I am, Jason is bisexual. He likes both equally, I like girls, but I prefer boys”

What do you know! I might get lucky tonight..

“What did you guys have in mind?”

Jason took over from Todd. “We are rather open about everything. We can go to our room and play by ear, unless you have rules. I mean, don’t feel obliged. You are definitely very attractive and probably way out of our league…”. Jason was starting to blush.

“Honey, if you could see what the typical swinger look like, you both look like calendar firemen to me…”

Todd laughed. “I actually am a fireman…”

“Yeah, let’s play by ear. If I remember, you are in room 231, right?”

“Yes, impressive… how did you remember?”

“It’s one of my favorites, I tend to place the cute guys in it, because my own room has a view on it’s balcony…”

“oh, you saw us last night…”, said Todd, who’s turn it was to blush.

“Sorry, I spent a lot of time helping the chef and the help with a problematic burner. But, maybe we can make good use of that balcony tonight…”


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