Cathy Chapter 7: Jasmine

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Jasmine had opened a door in my sexuality I wasn’t about to close. She had kissed me while I was having sex with her husband and she made me realize that I had been missing out on roughly half of the human population.

I had seen bisexual swingers at our resort but just as I didn’t consider myself a swinger, I never had foreseen myself as being bisexual.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t prejudiced. I had seen plenty of homosexual guests and we’ve had a few homosexual employees but I knew I liked boys and as such, knew I wasn’t gay.

I am guessing the swingers should have thought me that the world wasn’t black or white, true or false, straight or gay, but I imagine I was a slow learner.

It’s not like I ever really had clear sexual desire for women. I did imagine in my mind sexy female guests having sex with their husbands or even with Pedro, but I never thought it could be my mind telling me I was attracted to them.

With hindsight, I could remember feeling hot seeing a few of our female guests at the nude beach but I had never made the connection with my potential bisexuality.

Of course, I wouldn’t say I am 50% bisexual. Even today, now that I have a lot of experience with women, they are just a salad dressing, a side meal. Nothing truly replaced in my mind an evening spent with a tanned muscular man.

Jasmine on the other hand, was delicate and soft. Tender and gentle. Loving and caressing. Louis was also a little more feminine in his approach, perhaps some bisexual girls liked feminine qualities in their male partners.

Maybe his gentleness opened my mind to his wife for I generally got lost into Pedro’s raw masculinity. If Jasmine had approached me just as gently as she had the previous evening, I might not have even noticed her.

Today, I am more in touch with my sensuality, but then I was barely an adult and still thinking with the last drops of my teenage hormones.

Except it wasn’t Pedro who had taken me that night and despite making me climax, Jasmine had made me realize something had been missing from our encounter.

Even today, I couldn’t speculate if it was just curiosity toward sapphic pleasures or just horniness caused by a sexual partner more aware of how my body works.

In all cases, I hadn’t gotten dressed since she had kissed me and had tossed and turned in my sleep, causing me to almost sleepwalk out of my room when the sun came up.

I must have looked terrible. I hadn’t brushed my teeth, I hadn’t brushed my hair. I was most likely walking zombie like toward a certain room hoping to find a certain woman.

I sat in front of the door and rested my head on the handrail of the corridor, failing asleep until I was awoken by a tender hand gently caressing my shoulder.

Jasmine was squatting in front of me to level her head with mine. Her beautiful hazel eyes were asking me what I was doing here but my heart interpreted it as a request for a kiss.

My lips hesitated for a moment between listening to Jasmine’s eyes and my own heart but without my brain making a decision, our lips touched for the second time in a little under 10 hours.

She was a little destabilized but didn’t break the kiss until a few eons later.

We exchange salutations and it was clear that Jasmine was confused at finding me here. I instantly regretted coming and apologized.

“No need to apologized. Why don’t you come into my room so we may talk ? Louis, go eat breakfast, I’ll join you later”.

Soon enough, we were both on the bed to talk. I wasn’t sure exactly what to say, I didn’t really come to talk and I considered running away from the room when she resumed our kiss.

It seemed she didn’t really want to talk with words either despite both of us making great use of our mouths and our tongues.

I do remember she was dressed when she awoke me in front of her room but my memories of what she was wearing are limited to that fact. At some point in the middle of our saliva exchange Jasmine had undressed herself and soon enough our bodies were pressing against each other.

I could feel that her leg wasn’t moving randomly at all between my legs but I was unable to reciprocate having no idea what to do exactly with my body.

I knew how I liked men to touch me but I seemed unable to figure out how to do it to my first female partner. I didn’t really freeze in place: I kissed her a lot and even sucked on her nipples a little like Pedro often did to me but I wasn’t sure how to approach her genitals despite being able to feel her precious fingers exploring my secret chasm.

She did eventually take my hand and used my fingers to caress herself thus teaching me how to please her but our sexual encounter was limited to basically masturbating our partner while kissing her breasts and her mouth.

My first experiences at lesbian oral sex would have to wait, but even thought I never managed to make Jasmine climax, she actually successfully helped me get relief from her expert fingers.

I took the experience as my bisexual christening and felt bad when she decided to leave the bed to join her husband at the buffet for breakfast.

I did get a kiss and a formal invitation to share their bed that night for a repeat experience. I didn’t know yet if I would join them but Consuela, one of our maids, woke me up on their bed later that morning when she came to clean up the room.

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