Cathy Chapter 2: Welcome Routine

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This entry is part 2 of 13 in the series Cathy

I try to personally welcome every new visitor, always wearing my official greeting uniform.

I let my long hair down and completely shave under the neck. I wear a nice pair of leather sandals which leaves most of the foot bare. I put on my favourite golden chain anklet as well as its matching waist chain. I also put my pendant with the logo of the resort on a chain which places it right between my breast when I am standing up.

That’s usually the entirety of my dress, preferring to set the tone of the week by appearing otherwise completely nude.

I am not usually naked at all time but by welcoming them as such I am clearly indicating we are a serious adult only resort.

This week, we had a group of “lifestyle” members from the Maryland area. They are a group of people who enjoy BDSM and swinging and most of the guests already knew each other before arrival.

Usually, that’s a sign that the week is going to be really hot…

My employees showed the guests to their rooms while I served cocktails and snacks with those still waiting to be registered.

Four of the woman who were waiting undressed either in the bathrooms or as in most of the cases, directly next to their luggage.

Two of the nude woman, the two youngest of the group, were with the same young man and each put on a collar they fetched from their luggage. Another one of the ladies who undressed was collared by the man I presumed to be her master while kneeling in front of him with her arms behind her back.

The last undressed lady didn’t put on a collar right away, but I saw her with her mistress later by the pool with a collar , a chastity belt and a gag over her mouth.

Usually, there are a lot of gay couples with such groups and today was no exception. Several of the gay couples undressed but most seemed somewhat relaxed in their attitude.

I had a little small talk with the guests and as soon as the last ones left for their room, I returned to my office to put on a nice black leather dress.

For the swingers first evening, I wear a red dress, but this particular black dress was a gift from one of the dominatrix who visited our club the previous year and it became my official party dress for BDSM weeks.

From my experience, swingers usually hit the bars right away to spot potential mates but BDSM adepts usually take a little time to get prepared in their room, leaving me time to overview the various meals being prepared by the chefs.

I don’t need to supervise my staff much anymore. They know what to do and are quick to adjust to the various lifestyles of our guests. Swingers for example, drink a lot of wine and beer but guest who are into BDSM try to remain sober enough to remain in plain control of their capacities.

Well, not all of them… some exaggerate and it tends to cause issues, but we’ve rarely had serious problems.

I gained a reputation of participating in the festivities of the guest and I have joined in a few orgies when I liked the people and the way they did it, but I wasn’t really into BDSM.

Or rather, I wasn’t into sado-masochism and domination / submission. You’ll say that’s pretty much the basics of BDSM, but it leaves fetish wear and bondage open both of which slightly turn me on.

This is where I am potentially the weirdest. I wouldn’t say I am bisexual. I like men too much to truly enjoy being with a girl but when it come to bondage, I somehow find it extremely sexy to be tied up and forced to orgasm by a woman. Yet, I would never let a man do that to me.

Pablo, one of the waiters with whom I have occasional flings claims it is because I am used to being in charge of all of the staff and as such, that I cannot let my guard down with a man. It’s possible…

In all cases, when I saw the lesbian woman at the bar who had undressed in the lobby with her collar, her chastity belt and her gag, something stirred in me.

I went to talk to her mistress, called Nathalie and discovered that her slave Kaitlin had found me quite attractive.

Blushing, I admitted that the attraction was mutual and soon enough, the three of us were sitting together on beach chairs by the side of the pool. Well, Nathalie and I were sitting. Kaitlin was kneeling by her mistress’s side.

“Kaitlin here will need to wear her chastity belt until she will have orally pleasured five women. She asked me if you would allow to become her first partner toward her freedom.”

One of the things I liked with the BDSM community at our resort was how direct they were. With the swingers, they usually circled a lot until the subject of a threesome would come on the table.

I looked around and realized that two couples were currently in a flogging session while three others were in various sexual encounters.

In lieu of an answer, I lifted my dress up to my navel and laid on the chair to be comfortable and relax while opening my not so secret lair to the mouth of the delicate Kaitlin.

Nathalie removed her gag and soon enough, I could feel the expert tongue of the submissive caressing my clitoris while she sucked a little on my lips to take them all in her mouth.

Even if the sun was setting, today was particularly hot for Jamaica and Kaitlin’s effort made me remove my dress for fear of drowning in my sweat caused by my elevation sexual tension.

I am not hard to please sexually and Caitlin didn’t have any problems in pushing the buttons to make me climax despite the lack of real intimacy or foreplay.

I hadn’t even heard her talk yet, but before I managed to thank her, Nathalie had already replaced the gag in position.

I still managed to thank them and after a little small talk, I left the pool area, carrying my dress in my hand. I took a last glance before entering my office and saw a few new couples, both gay and straight, having sex in various combinations and positions.

It would be an interesting week !

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  1. Krey Says:

    Swingers for example, drink a lot of wine and BEER but…

    fetish wear and bondage open, both of WHICH slightly turn me on.

  2. The Author Says:

    Thanks again ! You are Rock Star !

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