Cathy Chapter 13: Playing by ear

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The only bisexuality I truly know intimately is female bisexuality. I’ve had quite a few threesomes with an heterosexual couple in which I first had sex with the female member of the couple, and then, with the male.

Even then, the problem is that being the guest, the man is usually interested in having sex with me, spending his sexual energy and leaving nothing for his wife.

Sure, a few men have a short recuperation, but let’s face it, when it comes to having sex with multiple partners, women rule!

Some women, in a gang-bang, are even able to have sex with dozens of men in a row without much pause between them, but men? Usually, once they ejaculate, they are out of the ring for several minutes and some times, for several hours…

So, when Jason and Todd invited me into their room, explaining they both wanted to have sex with me, I was a little confused: did this mean they would not have sex with each other afterward?

Would they take turns? It’s not like we discussed in details the plans for the evening and I was a little anxious of how things would go…

As soon as the door closed, the swimsuits went flying and both men dropped on the bed, kissing and embracing each other. Ok, so now I felt like the third wheel… Don’t get me wrong, I was the third wheel, but usually, couples would focus on me and not on each other first, which, I guess, was a sign that these two loved each other more than the excitement of doing it with a girl.

Normally, I would start caressing the girl, perhaps stroking her hair, kissing her neck, to join in, but which of the guys should I approach?

Wait, which one was bisexual? Oh yeah, Jason, so I approached the couple and began kissing Jason’s back.

Jason responded by breaking his kiss with Todd, twisting around to lay on his back and approaching his head toward me. I got closer and soon enough, we kissed while Todd was kissing Jason’s neck.

Jason was strong┬ábut calm in his kiss: his lips felts like iron but his movements made me think of butterflies. It’s odd, but I liked it. I felt power and tenderness and was beginning to lose myself when Jason broke the kiss and Todd got closer, almost stealing me a kiss without letting me time to decide where I was going.

Todd was brutal, savage, displaying raw power, almost guiding me and into his temple of sex with a simple kiss.

I felt an hesitating touch on my breasts and realized that Jason was awkwardly trying to pleasure me by caressing them. It didn’t work, but I didn’t have the courage to tell him. I am guessing that this is equipment he isn’t that much used to and honestly, it’s not that important to me.

Well, to be honest, tonight’s results weren’t that important. I wanted to help them by adding some spice to their couple and get some sexual experience. The rest, including my pleasure, was optional.

When I broke Todd’s kiss, I could clearly see both men sporting raging erections. Of course, I had no way of knowing if I was the cause or if it was their own embrace.

Jason got closer while Todd went to the bedside table, probably to fetch condoms.

Still, I wasn’t really ready for anything yet and wondered if I would be. Did I make them wait for me to be all wet? Would it even occur?

I didn’t really know, but when I saw that Todd had gotten both condoms and KY gel, I was relieved. I might be difficult to get started sometimes, but once we start, I get with the program.

“Is a double penetration ok with you?”, asked Todd, and I nodded as an answer.

Both guys suited up, and applied generous lubricant.

Jason laid on his back, and gently guided me on top of him. He slowly penetrated my already less dry inner sanctum and gently began rocking his hips to stimulate me, as I began moving mine opposite of his movement to increase thrust.

Todd approached me from behind, and almost made me jump of surprise when he calmly put his warm hand on my back.

I immediately understood what was going to happen, so I lowered my upper body to rest on Jason, kissing him on the process and pressing my breasts against his muscular chest.

I had never known an heterosexual man able to gently enter my rectum in its position, probably due to a lack of experience with anal sex, but Todd surprised me with the ease and poise with which he was able to begin the sodomy.

I tried to rock my hips to increase my pleasure in both of my penetrated areas, but Jason and Todd were pretty much taking over the action and weren’t quite synchronized enough to really give me some leeway for action.

I compensated by kissing Jason, or feeling his muscles move with my hands and just trying to stay in the moment.

I felt as if Jason was clearly having more fun then Todd and I could soon enough feel him accelerate his rhythm to increase his stimulation.

I had assumed that he would have closed his eyes to avoid looking at me, after all, he is mostly gay, but instead, he looked at me directly into my eyes, piercing them with desire, and I admit, this really helped me with my pleasure.

When he finally came, I could almost feel his ejaculation into the condom, and his muscles relaxing, leaving with only the sodomy from Todd as a source of pleasure and still about a mile of road to walk toward an orgasm.

Sadly, this couldn’t continue. The number one rule of condoms is to exit before the penis has lost it’s erection and as such, I excused myself from Todd and laid on my back next to his boyfriend.

“Do you want to take his place? I’d like that… just change condom if you do”.

Todd hesitated and looked at both of us. I could feel him tense up and suddenly realized that he wasn’t as bi-curious as he let on. Perhaps he agreed to this only to please his boyfriend.

So, I decided to give him an out… “Just let me use the bathroom first…”

I left the bed, went to the bathroom and closed the door. I pressed my ear to it to listen and waited about a minute. When I heard some action going on, I flushed the toilet and returned to the room, seeing Todd sodomizing Jason and, just as I thought, being more in the mood.

I tiptoed toward the door, thanking myself for now having any clothes to retrieve, but when I was about to leave, I heard Jason say: “Thank you Cathy, it was incredible”.

Todd said something that sounded like “Thank you”, but I can’t be sure.

“See you tomorrow guys”, I said, as I closed the door and wondered if I would use a vibrator, a dildo or just go to sleep.






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