Olivia Chapter 10: Business Meeting

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This entry is part 10 of 15 in the series Olivia

I was awakened from my sleep on the sofa by the doorbell.

I quickly realized I was still naked save for my chastity belt but I didn’t have any clothes to cover myself.

Patrick quickly ran downstairs and I realized that he was already fully dressed in a business suit. Emily followed quickly wearing equally business appropriate clothes with her hair and make-up nicely done as if she had spent a few hours getting ready.

Unlike Patrick, who went at the door, Emily came to me.

“Come bitch, we’ll get you ready for the meeting. Hurry up, we haven’t got all day”.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs just as I was hearing Patrick welcome his unseen guest.

Emily had a definitely different demeanour in her body language. She was sadistic so much as domineering. She had command in her voice.

My hands were tied behind my back by a pair of metal bracelets connected by a simply clip.

A leather collar was attached to my neck with a metal chain coldly resting on my naked body.

Finally, a ball bag was firmly shoved into my mouth “to keep my rotten mouth shut”.

Once I was ready, she helped me move downstairs to the kitchen where Patrick and an older businessman were discussing on the kitchen table, with pictures of me from the time spend in this house spread loosely on the table. Visibly, there were hidden cameras almost everywhere in the house.

As soon as he saw me, the man stood up and began examining me, including caressing my breasts and spanking me very hard on the ass to see how far I would move.

I had no idea who that man was but I knew my place: I was a slave for 2 years and if Emily and Patrick wanted to let one of their friends play with me, I didn’t have much of a choice.

“She is indeed a lot nicer than the other ones. What’s her rating?”

Emily replied. “I certify her to 16.”, she picked up a piece of paper and read letters: “ABCDEHIJLMNORSTU”.

“That’s a lot more than the five she had… it’s only been a few days.”

Patrick defended me. “Perhaps, but she lacked formal training. We gave her the best, you won’t be disappointed. It took us a lot less time to train her and that gives you more time to use her.”

Oh, so Patrick and Emily we going to sell me? Is that what they did? Buy young untrained girls on the auction, train them and resell them at a higher cost?

What was I, just a commodity to be traded? Had everything been a lie? Emily’s desire to be dominated, was it only to get me more letters so I would be worth more to them?

Oh my God. No one ever mentioned this in classes. We were told the auctions were there to get us as much money as we could but I wouldn’t receive a single penny of whatever profit they would have done on my back.

They had paid 155,000$ for me. If they resell me for 175,000$, they would have made 20,000$ in only two weeks or so. If they repeat the process every few weeks, they could live like kings and queens only on their training profit.

It was nauseating. It’s no wonder why they decided to gag me, they knew I would have protested by the law was made in such a way as I couldn’t even complain to anyone.

“How much do you want for her?”

Patrick almost made me faint. “We want 355,000$.”

That would mean they would have make 200,000$ in profit in the span of only 2 weeks.

“That’s a lot of money. I am not sure it’s worth it.”

Emily took over: “Look at her. No man will be able to resist her. She has the look of a virgin. Even Kylie didn’t look so young. You could sell her first fuck as a slave at least twenty times over the next two years. Think of your profit… And she took AND gave punishment like a pro. Do you want to see my bruises? My ass is still on fire.”

“Emily, I had you for almost two years. I don’t want to see you naked again or it’s not her I’ll want to bring back to the Fair.”

“Well, you know how you can please me… just buy her, and if she isn’t enough, bring her back here for a day or two and I’ll straighten her. I’ll even let you watch, and you know what I like to wear when I train them”

“Damn it Patrick, why are you the lucky bastard who ended up with Emily.”

“Hey, my plan for her future was just better than yours. Here, she doesn’t have to compete with your little harem.”

“True. Ok, I’ll take her. You’ll get the money tonight. If I stone her, are you fine with trusting me that I am good for it?”

“Steven, if you fail to pay, we’ll just take her back, along with all of the other girls…”

“Yeah yeah…”

Steven took out a small syringe from a velvet covered box in his jacket pocket and injected me with a green liquid in the right arm.

As soon as the needle left my arm, my skin started to hurt like hell, making my tears run down my cheeks.

Steven wiped my tears with a tissue and told me eye to eye: “It’s going to be worse when I unstone you bitch. Get used to it, you are mine now”

Within seconds, I could feel my skin harden and soon enough, I was incapable of moving any piece of my body as if my skin was paralyzed.

I was still able to take small breaths from my noise but oddly enough, I didn’t feel out of breath, as if I needed less oxygen suddenly.

I couldn’t even blink my eyes or even turn them but I could see perfectly straight in front of me.

A few minutes later, I saw the room move until I was suddenly looking at the ceiling making me understand I was being carried outside of the house but I couldn’t feel being moved or even being touched.

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