Olivia Chapter 6: Switching up

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The next morning, Patrick decided to punish Emily some more by forcing her to stop playing her fantasy during the day.

“I hope you don’t mind Olivia. My wife really wants to be treated like a worthless slave. I would never do that to you because you are under my care, but Emily willingly wants to play that role.”

“I understand honey”

“So, today, if that’s all right with you, to punish her for her disobedience, you will switch role with her. You will wear a chastity belt until tomorrow morning and she will boss you around. If she doesn’t treat you badly enough, she won’t return to her role. Do you understand ?”

“I guess. So I should call you master from now on ?”

“Yes, but only after we are done talking. Until then, you are my wife. But please, don’t take this personally. You are not being punished, she is. You see, she loves being punished so if I just spank her when she misbehaves, she will continue to do so in order to be punished. So, tonight, I will have sex with her, but with you, to show her that I expect total obedience. Do you understand that ?”

“I guess. It’s like reverse psychology…”

“In a way. But don’t worry, tomorrow you should be back as my loving wife and hopefully, for a long time. Emily wants to spend months in her chastity belt. ”

“Who will tell her ?”

“I will. In the mean time, go downstairs. In the garage, there is a box on the shelf with a chastity belt made to your size. I think you know how to put it on, so please, put it on and wait for us at the kitchen table. When I get downstairs, Emily will be your boss. She will be ruthless, but take notes. She will most likely do to you what she wants you to do to her…”

“Can I give you a goodbye kiss before I turn back to a slave ?”

“You are really starting to love your position as a wife, aren’t you ?”

“Who says it’s not you I am falling in love with ?”, I replied, teasing him.

While I kissed him, I pressed my naked body against his and he responded by squeezing my butt affectionately.

I ran downstairs to the garage. My bare feet were cold on the concrete but that was the least of my worries. I was afraid that once I would have put the belt on, it would stay for a long time.

I quickly found the box and pulled out a belt almost identical to Emily’s but mine was of course a little smaller. The keys were in the box and to be prudent, I test them out prior to putting the belt on me.

After I was reassured that I could indeed get out somehow, I put the belt and snapped the lock shut. The little click indicating I was locked made be panic for a moment, but the key still worked, I tested it, twice.

Patrick didn’t tell me what to do with the keys, so I put them both in the box and placed the box where I had found it. He would leave for work shortly and hopefully wouldn’t think about them.

I took a glass of water from kitchen and realized I had not yet urinated. Peeing in the toilet wasn’t really problematic, it was the sitting part I didn’t get the hang yet: the toilet seat pressed on the metal plate and pushed against my hips.

I also had the delicate problem of cleaning after myself: urine didn’t flow through the belt, it slowly poured through the little holes created for that purpose.

After several attempts with toilet paper, I got the outside of the belt dry as well as the floor under me.

I returned to the kitchen and kneeled on the floor like Patrick would have wanted.

Eventually, Patrick and Emily came down the stairs. Patrick was smiling and dressed for work. Emily on the other hand looked rather sad even if she was wearing a nice sun dress.

Emily approached me and in a surprising direct tone asked me to prepare her coffee and her breakfast. While I prepared her toasts for the morning, even thought I wasn’t actually supposed to cook, Patrick kissed Emily and left for the day without even looking at me.

Even thought he said it was Emily being punished, why did I feel like a little girl sent to detention ? I should be the one sitting at the table reading my magazines.

It would be a long day. I just hope it would be educational because I didn’t really know how to be dominant, my only experiences had been done in order to get my J letter experience.

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