Olivia Chapter 14: The girls

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“Hi, I am Olivia. You’re Chloe and Stephanie ?”

“Yes”, Stephanie replied as I sat on the mattress as far away as I could from them.

“I just arrived, were you here long?”

“Chloe arrived two days ago. I have been here for over a month now. I was transferred in this place only a month after I was auctioned”

So, Stephanie was 19 and 2 months. She still had 22 months to go in this place.

“Yeah, my birthday was about a week ago.”, I explained. “I just discovered that the couple who bought me buys untrained girls and trains them to resell them to this place. Was it like that for you too ?”

“For me it was. Emilie and Patrick were nice to me and they pretended that Emilie wanted to learn how to be submissive”

I immediately jumped off the bed… so I was definitely not the only girl.

“Oh my God, I was with Patrick and Emilie too… They bought me for 155,000$ and resold me for 355,000$”

“Wow, you were hot property… I was sold for 95,000$ to them and they resold me 150,000$. My sister got 85,000$ because she was sold second, but this place searched for her all over the place and got her for 300,000$. Not a penny for us however.”

“Wait, you girls are real twin sisters? ”


How disgusting.

“I though it was illegal to own two class S siblings?”

“It is. But you see, I belong to this place officially, but my sister is only stationed here, that way, they use a loophole and we have to do stuff together…”

“What do you mean?”, are they forcing them to have sex together?

Chloe spoke for the first time since I entered the room

“Why do you think they wanted both of us? So that clients can have a threesome with two twins. We had to perform oral sex on each other this morning and share a guy yesterday. He fucked me and her alternatively without cleaning up between us. I grew up with my sister, I mean, It’s incest…”

It definitely was. Class S was a lot more deranged than I thought.

And then I took a quick look at them, and noticed that apart from them being a little taller than I was, our bodies from the neck down were almost identical, with our breasts and our waist line almost exact copies of each other.

“Girls, were you sculpted when you came in?”

“Yeah, we both were a little fatter, and we both got breast enlargements. Why do you ask ?”

“I think they are trying to make us triplets. Look at it, we have the same shape for our face, our hair kind of looks the same, but not in the same color, and now, our bodies are identical”

Chloe began crying.

“As if two weren’t enough!! I want to get out of here. I wanted to pay for college, not become a circus freak”. Stephanie held her in her arms, but their nudity didn’t seem to go well with Chloe who brushed her aside.

The door flung open and an older woman came in. “Olivia, come here, it’s time for your hair coloration”.

The process was starting. I couldn’t complain much, both twin had very adorable faces. But it wasn’t my face. Soon, I fear, I would look like them. Would they even be able to get back to the way I was?

How would they fix the fact that I was shorter? Would it matter to clients who wanted a foursome with triplets?

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