Olivia Chapter 12: Unstoning

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Soon after Steve had left me alone, Ryan came back with another bucket and a sponge.

I noticed that this time, he had long rubber gloves.

As if he read my mind, he explained that “The reverter, on long term usage, burns the skin. I use it even for a few day, so I need to protect myself. You will only be exposed to it three to five times over your stay here, so it’s safe. Plus, the majority will be absorbed by the stone and will have changed before your skin returned to normal. Don’t worry, it’s safe for you and don’t panic if you see me quickly clean myself if I drop any on me.”

I guess it reassured me a littleā€¦.

“But more importantly, try not to move. The less you move, the faster you will recuperate because if you move your arm while part of it is still solid, you might crack the stone before it turns back to skin and muscle tissue. That means cracked skin. It usually takes less than 10 minutes to unstone a skinny girl like you. I’ll stay with you until it is completed”

Ryan proceeded to apply the thick gel in his bucket using the sponge all over my body, beginning with the extremities and finishing with the face.

Slowly, I was beginning to feel something, a kind of tingling sensation which slowly lead to a burning one. I tried to scream but as before, no sound came out.

Eventually, the pain sharply began to increase, notably in my lungs and when I tried to scream, a feeble sound actually make it out of my throat.

“Good, your lungs are fully getting back.”, replied Ryan. “I know it hurts, but try not to scream too much or you might have a voice extinction. Just stay as zen as you can, focusing on the good things in life instead of on the pain. The pain is actually caused by your pain receptors turning back on. You are not in any real pain. In fact you are almost done. You can move your arms, but don’t talk and don’t move your legs or your head just yet. Only a few more minutes and you will be back alive”

I waited, and eventually, Ryan told me I could move and even talk.

“What did you do to me?”

“I changed your body a little to make you even sexier. I might tune you again in a few weeks, depending on the requests”.

“Where am I?”

“That’s not for me to say. Sit down on the ground, wait a few minutes and your new Owner will be there for you”.

Once I was left alone, I began touching my breasts and could see that it was as if they had always been that big. The circle in my torso was etched into the skin as if it was a simply wrinkle line, but I couldn’t feel any pain touching it.

My name was still written but it looked like a tattoo.

I had been turned to stone and sculpted but now that I was back to normal, it was as if I had always been like this. In fact, my skin was a lot smoother than it had ever been and a small birthmark on my thigh was now gone.

I had a thinner waist without even having to exercise. I looked amazing, I couldn’t say anything to the contrary. I didn’t know anything about this technique, but I had nothing to really complain other than I no longer had my real body.

But I guess that was the point. To get me an even sexier body to sell to their clients.

From a pretend housewife, I had been visibly turned into a brothel whore. I didn’t appreciate it one bit, but I knew I didn’t have anything to say about it.

I only hope the terms of my stay wouldn’t be too horrible.

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