Olivia Chapter 11: Sculpture

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This entry is part 11 of 15 in the series Olivia

After a long drive, two men carried me out of the van and into a small room where I was left for in unknown period of time.

There was a window in the door and I could see a reflection of my naked body on it.

To my shock, my skin was as white as plaster and my hair was equally petrified. I looked exactly like a statue with only the black pupil of my eyes to distract from the whiteness of my skin. Only my chastity belt distracted from the view.

Eventually, a man came in with a chisel and blocked my view but I could hear the noise of the chisel sculpting what could only be my body. I also heard him remove my chastity belt but because I couldn’t move my head or even my eyes I was unable to see anything.

Despite being terrified, I was completely unable to move or react and despite all of my attempts, the little air passing through my lungs didn’t make sound.

After several hours of work, the man left the room and I was left horrified at the display.

My thights and my waist had been sculpted and big pieces of my body were now missing. My breasts also had been partially touched but the nipples had been avoided. My stomach was apparently also missing pieces and a strange circle had been traced above it, in the area just under the breasts.

The men eventually came back with a bucket of a plaster-like substance and for the next minutes I could hear him splash it on my body without feeling anything.

When he left, I was able to see that the plaster had been applied everywhere he had sculpted and that my breasts were now significantly larger because of the addition.

The only place which wasn’t patched with the plaster was the odd circle.

Left to my demise, I could only watch as the plaster dried to slowly become impossible to distinguish from the rest of my skin. Sure, the surface wasn’t as smooth since we could see it was fresh plaster, but the illusion was almost perfect.

The next day, the man returned with sand paper and slowly worked on smoothing his new additions. He also sanded the edges of the circle.

Finally, he took a pen and wrote “Olivia” in stylised letters in the center of the circle, thought I only figured out what he had written after he left and I saw the reflection.

My stomach oddly didn’t react to the lack of food or water and my bladder never complained of needing to be emptied. I was able to think and breathe but didn’t seem to have any additional needs including the need to sleep.

In fact, even if I tried to sleep the impossibility of closing my eyes kept me awake.

The next day, Steven, the men I had met at Patrick and Emily’s house, came back with the sculptor.

“This is amazing. You really outdone yourself Ryan. You’re sure you didn’t break anything.”

“With the new compound it’s almost impossible: the organs become a lot harder and the muscles grow back in hours instead of days. It’s makes modifications so much easier, especially on girls like her”

“We’ll thaw her out in an hour to check it but if it all holds up, you’ll get a bonus.”

“Do you want me to take a piece out as guarantee?”

“Nah, we’ll see how she behaves. There’s plenty of time for that. I paid a lot for her so I want her whole for the customers.”

“You’re the boss. If the breasts don’t hold up perfectly, call me back. I’ll fix it for free, as always.”

“Ryan, when did I ever needed to call you after a breast enlargement? You are the expert…”

“Trish caused problems last year.”

“Ryan, we went from A to the double D. This girl was already at D, so it was just a little more”

So that’s what they did to my breasts.

“Just saying… if I did make a mistake, stone her and I will fix it.”

Ryan left and Steven was soon alone with me.

“You’ll make me even richer Olivia, and I just made you even sexier. No need to thank me once you are out. Just follow the rules and do what you are supposed to and I’ll let you keep your new body for free. Hey, we might make future improvements down the road if you want. You’ll be my star. Ryan can even make you taller… would you like to be 5 foot 6 or even 5 foot 8 ? We’ll see. Some men like small girls like you”

I was once again left alone, wondering in which crazy life I had now ended up.

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