Olivia Chapter 5: Supper

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After my bath, I put on the evening dress I had bought for Patrick, making sure not to put any underwear.

Despite my lack of formal slave training, I knew men loved a girl without a bra and panties. It lightened up their imagination.

When I walked bare foot downstairs, I saw that Emily was busy preparing a pot roast for supper. She had stripped naked for my bath and had not put any clothes back on since, wearing only her chastity belt.

I asked her if they had any wine appropriate for the meal and she told me she had already picked a bottle from the wine cellar, while not forgetting to address me appropriately.

I wondered how I should act until my pretend husband would come back and settled to sit at the kitchen table to browse some fashion magazines.

When he finally appeared in the kitchen, I didn’t bother to get up and simply welcomed him back home with all my love. I played loving but independent.

He seemed to appreciate it since he came close to kiss me before pulling my hand to get me to showcase the dress for him.

After I turned a few times, he approved and held me in his arms, passionately kissing me under the envious eyes of his real wife.

I felt Patrick grabbing my ass and he slowly took notice that I was naked under the dress. This only increased his desire but the timer for supper broke our mood.

I almost let it slip but I saw the sad eyes Emily was casting in my direction and decided to react to this intrusion.

“Slave, your timer just interrupted my reunion with my husband. What do you have to say for yourself ?”

She kneeled before me and put her hands behind her back.

“I am sorry mistress. It wasn’t my intention. I should have noticed the timer and silenced it. This will not happen again mistress.”

Patrick addressed Emily.

“Was my wife hard enough on you today slut ?”

“Yes master, she was very strict for her first day. She promised to be harsher tomorrow.”

Patrick turned to me and congratulated me on a job well done.

“And now, what will we do with her ?”

I thought about it and had the perfect solution.

“I say we have her serve us our supper, but we’ll let her eat her meal cold after we’re done, with a spanking between each bite. What do you say love ?”

“That’s quite devilish. ” Turning to his wife, he added ; “Well, don’t stay there. We are hungry”

“Yes master, thank you master”.

Patrick sat at the end of the table and I took Emily’s place from our previous meal. The roast was delicious and Emily’s service was impeccable. She was polite, attentive and silent. When we didn’t need her, she simply kneeled between Patrick and I.

I was no expert in wine but the bottle Emily got us seemed to compliment the roast. The few times I had been allowed to taste wine it generally left a burning sensation in my mouth but I now realized it was perhaps just cheap wine my parents were letting me try because they knew it would steer me away from drinking alcohol.

After a few glasses I was a little tipsy and Patrick clearly noticed it.

Normally, you could say he decided to take advantage of me, but since I was officially his slave it’s not like I was supposed to complain.

Instead, I helped him undress me and even jumped on the kitchen table voluntarily when he tried to lift me up to have me sit on it.

Emily was busy clearing the table to prevent an accident with the dishes while her husband was trusting his big erect cock in me for the second time since I became his.

This time was a lot more pleasurable. For one thing, I felt more at ease in my new role. Instead of feeling like a stressed out virgin, I had a clear idea of what was going on.

Also, the nice meal and even seeing Emily kneel before me helped me get into the mood. Perhaps the wine helped too.

Patrick only kissed me once he was already inside of me, but as soon as our lips touched, he pulled out.

I couldn’t understand why until he turned his body to allow Emily to suck his penis while kneeling in front of him. She was out of view but I could imagine she was not only sucking her husband’s penis but also my own lubrication.

I felt warm inside. For the first time since I realized I needed to be a class S slave, I felt comfortable with my choice. I was having sex with a man who pretended to love me in order to please his loving wife.

It was certainly out of the ordinary, but it wasn’t the nightmare I was expecting.

Once we parted our lips, Patrick returned to invade my pussy while Emily stood up to kiss me, partially rubbing our breasts together.

We alternated the position two more times before Emily began stimulating my clitoris, letting me feel her gentle touch at the same time as her husband’s savage penetration.

It didn’t take long for me to climax now that I was emotional close to both my partners. Instead of coming inside of me, Patrick pulled out and masturbated in front of me, eventually ejaculating mostly on my thighs, with a few drops on my juicy lips.

Within seconds, Emily had sucked her husband’s dick to clean it off and had proceeded to lick all of his semen from my naked body.

When I thought she was done, Patrick told her to finish the job, but she protested.

“Slave, don’t make me return you to the market”

“But it’s not clean Master”

“You are in charge of cleaning. Tomorrow, make a better job”

She dropped on all fours and began licking a tiny droplet of semen that has slipped on the kitchen floor.

Once she was done, Patrick asked Emily to keep the position and proceeded to spank her hard on the ass 10 times for protesting.

Patrick and I left her in the kitchen forgetting all about Emily’s previous promised punishment and went to the master bedroom to watch a little television. I didn’t put clothes on but before falling asleep, I made sure Emily was in her room to lock her in.

She was kneeling on the floor and she thanked me, with tears running down her cheeks.

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