Olivia Chapter 15: First clients

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My hair was quickly dyed to have the exact same color as the twins and as soon as it was done, the three of us were summoned to Steven’s office, and stood naked in front of him.

“We have a problem girls. We bought Olivia here because of how easy it would be to make her look like you too, but the problem is that she’s actually cuter than you too, and yet, you too are the natural twins.”

I knew it was useless to argue. “Do what you feel is necessary Master”, I replied.

“I spoke to Ryan, our sculptor, and to  Pamela, our office manager, and we feel like there is a need for smaller girls, so twins, we’ll make you Olivia’s height, and in a week, after the new bitch which have proven herself, we’ll make her face like yours, but try to keep her beauty. I hope you too will love the irony: she’ll be the cutest of the triplets…”

I politely asked: “Master, will I be able to get my own face back at the end of the contract?”

“Only if you behave… only if you behave.”

We left the room and as soon as we were alone, the twins began crying.

“Why did you become Class S slaves if you didn’t like sex?”

Chloe answered,  “Our parents made us do it… our mom was a Class S and they are convinced that it’s what made their marriage stronger. They thought it would be easier to find a husband afterward…”

Stephanie added: “But life had changed since our mom was 19…”

One of the male employees came for us. “You have clients you three… room 12.

“All of us?”, I asked.

“Yeah, all of you… they want sisters”.

We quickly walked to room 12 while the twins dried their tears.

When we came into the room, we saw a dozen businessmen accompanied by 2 of their female colleagues. Well, I assumed they were businessmen…

They were sitting on a sectional sofa which covered three of the walls around a large bed positioned in the middle of the room.

“Are you triplets?”, the youngest looking asked, almost salivating.

“These two are identical twins, while I am a fraternal twin.”. I was surprised at my creativity.

“Sweet, triplets… Can I start guys?”, he asked, wantonly…

“It’s your bachelor party Mark!”

“oh boy…”

Mark stood up  and undressed, showing he was already erect.

He jumped on the bed, laid on his back and gabbed the first twin on his right, Chloe, and practically pushed her mouth on his erection.

“I take dibs on the fraternal one… she’s cute, once I am done with this one. Come on guys,don’t be shy, join in the fun!”

I moved toward Mark to replace Chloe, but I didn’t doubt that we would all be busy in the next few minutes…

Four of the men were undressing on the side of the bed, while one of the ladies was unbuttoning her blouse.

“Are you part of the entertainment Janet?”, one of the guys asked her…

“Kyle, I’m married. Sex with you is adultery. No, I want a piece of the action too. I paid my part for Mark.”

“Yeah, I wanna see that…”, replied Kyle.

Kyle stayed on the sofa, naked, masturbating, while two of the men had grabbed Stephanie and were trying to find a “non-gay” position to do a double penetration.

The fourth undressing guy had his sight on me too, so he stayed next to Mark, the bachelor boy, probably to keep dibs on me.

Chloe stopped her fellatio and I quickly approached Mark. This time, I was partially wet, from Mark’s handsomeness to Chloe’s actions and the general sexy atmosphere, I was able to quickly jump on Mark and to feel his throbbing erection inside of me.

Chloe wasn’t left alone for too long: my admirer was penetrating her from behind while she was on all four in front of Janet, performing oral on her.

“This girl sucks”, Janet added. “Did she ever do oral sex on a girl before?”

I decided to come to Chloe’s rescue. “No, she didn’t. Sorry Mistress. But I have experience…if you just give me a few minutes to finish with the bachelor of the evening”.

Janet looked at me and smiled. I guess that made things a little better for me. Chloe, on the other hand, mouthed a silent “thank you” toward me.

One of the still dressed men was now on stage and replaced Janet to use Chloe’s mouth: no good deeds go unpunished, I guess!

I was starting to lose track of the action. The two men around Stephanie had found their position in the mean time apparently, but Chloe was blocking my view. The masturbator had come in the mean time, but was not getting dressed.

One of the man left at some point without having removed any clothing, perhaps it was too much for him, and another had begun to masturbate, but without undressing.

Mark was the first to start with the sex, and apparently, the last to come, giving me enough time to myself climax despite the weird situation.

Of course, once I was done, Janet replaced the bachelor, but Mark wasn’t done for the evening. Stephanie was now available and he jumped on her, kissing her and asking her to caress him. Visibly, he wanted to receive pleasure from all three of us..

Chloe kept her position, but her partner changed to Kyle who surprisingly was back into action.

I didn’t successfully bring Janet to a climax, but she didn’t complain about my performance and instead, after a little while, pushed me aside and finished by herself. It’s possible she didn’t want an actual orgasm from me, so that she could claim she wasn’t actually gay. I had heard about something like that on women and female Class S slaves.

I was idle for too long… mr. masturbator, once he had ejaculated again, this time in Chloe, asked me to come and suck “the sperm filled cunt of my sister”.

By the time I was in place and starting to try and pleasure Chloe, I felt a man pushing against my rectum: it was the same guy who had sodomized Stephanie in the double-penetration. I am guessing he was a sodomy guy…

I had to switch position to let him enter, but once he was in, I managed to resume pleasuring Chloe which kept her out of the action for now.

But not long enough, Mark has in the mean time finished having sex with Stephanie and it was Chloe’s turn…

I looked around, and many of the men were getting dressed. Janet was already gone and the room was slowly emptying.

Once my guy was done, he laid naked next to Chloe but Stephanie and I found ourselves without sexual partners.

Kyle even apologized to Stephanie saying he no longer had the energy for another go.

By the time Mark was done, all of the clients had left except for the sodomy guy who was now taking care of Chloe’s ass.

Even him eventually finished, leaving the three of us alone, filled with sperm.


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