Olivia Chapter 7: Humiliated

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This entry is part 7 of 15 in the series Olivia

“I need to go the bathroom bitch. Lay on the floor.”

“Yes mistress”

I laid back on the floor as ordered by a very effective Emily. Just yesterday, she had been so submissive but apparently, she was able to switch role without any problems.

Emily raised her sun dress to her waist and put one leg on each side of my head, given me barely enough time to brace for impact.

At first, only a few drops of warm urine dropped but before the stream started, Emily ordered to swallow as much as I could.

I opened my mouth as big as I could regretting the position I was in but realizing that tomorrow, our roles would be reversed.

Soon enough, a strong stream began to almost choke me but I had to wiggle around to follow it with my mouth.

The warm and salty liquid was hard to swallow but I had to do the best I could. Sadly, some of the liquid dropped into my eyes burning them but the stream didn’t stop for now.

So I kept doing my best for what seemed an eternity. I had the impression I was drowning, but at the moment I couldn’t take it anymore, the flow of urine diminished and eventually only a few drops dropped on my breasts as Emily was switching position to kneel on top of me.

I quickly swallowed anything that was remaining in my mouth and soon understood I had to lick any remaining urine from my mistress’s cunt.

Not content to let me finish, I had to keep licking her while still having the stingy taste of urine in my mouth and my face warm from the recent exposure.

But my mistress wanted to be pleased and I reluctantly obliged.

I didn’t get to finish however. As soon as Emily almost reached an orgasm, she pulled up and ordered me to clean the floor.

I went to pick a mop but she added “With your tongue bitch. Are you a slave or a cleaning lady ? Use your body”

For the next few humiliating minutes, I both licked the floor and cried a little in silence. I felt empty inside and realized how low I had became. I only dreamed this would be the last day I would ever do such things but sadly, it wasn’t even noon yet.

Once I was done, I was asked to remain on all fours as Emily left for a few minutes to fetch a collar, a leash and a paddle.

Once I was collared and the leash was added in place, I was ordered to walk like a dog to the living room without even being allowed to clean up a little.

Emily sat on the couch, opened the TV and asked me to position herself at her foot so she could rest her legs on my back.

I had to remain entirely motionless which was of course, impossible. Each movement she detected was counted and made me deserve two massive hits with her paddle at the next advertisement segment.

Worse, the counts didn’t reset and simply accumulated during the hour she watched the TV.

When she turned off the television, she repeated the spanking session which now had a count of 23, causing me to almost faint under the pain.

If anything, my tears were rolling even harder than when I was on the floor.

“I don’t think you’ve had enough bitch. Your ass is on fire, so let’s sooth it a little. Follow me, on all four”

I slowly crawled to the kitchen but had serious problems keeping a steady rhythm. Each time I moved my legs my bottom remembered each of the blows I had received.

When I finally reached the kitchen, I received another 2 hits from the paddle to punish me for my slowness.

Emily even had me thank her for my education.

She took out ice packs from the freezer as well as a few ice cube trays. She laid the ice packs on the floor to form a plastic cushion and I was ordered to sit on it which was both soothing and incredible painful.

Instead of just looking at me freeze my ass of, Emily rubbed the ice cubes on my body making me seriously cold.

Not only were tears still rolling down my cheeks but I was now trembling out of coldness.

Worse, the metal chastity belt was conducting the cold from the ice packs to my crotch, making the belt itself feel as if it was made of ice.

I begged Emily to let me go, but she simply ordered me to shut up in the meanest way possible. She even spitted on my breasts to make me feel even worse.

She left me a few minutes and when she came back, she had a mirror to show me that my lips were turning blue.

“Beg me for a hot bath, cunt”

“Please mistress, I need a hot bath. I am freezing”

“Denied. Stay there bitch. You don’t really want to leave, you’re not crying enough.”

“Please mistress…”, I tried to let as much tears as possible flow down my cheeks but it’s not like I can control them.

“Fine, run upstairs, the bath is already filling itself. I’ll find a way for you to thank me afterwards.”

I ran like I never ran and almost jumped into the almost burning hot water. Soon enough, I was able to reheat myself and was happy to get a few minutes of peace.

I looked at the clock on the bathroom wall and to my horror discovered it was only 10h15. I still had over 6 hours to spend with Emily dominating me and I already couldn’t take it anymore.

Did this mean I would have to be just as horrible to her each day ? That’s what she actually wanted ? I couldn’t get it. She had a beautiful house, a wonderful husband and what she hoped was to be treated like that ?

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  1. Krey Says:

    Howdy, haven’t done a typo list in awhile, but I have been reading your stuff still. Really been liking it. Only one thing I noticed here:

    “She even SPAT on my breasts to make me feel even worse.”

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