Olivia Chapter 2: In bed

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Supper was pleasant and both Patrick and Emily had made nice chit-chat with me as if I was truly a member of the family.

I offered to help Emily with the dishes but was told by Patrick that they couldn’t really ask me to help to do that since I wasn’t a class D. I had a specific purpose and when I wasn’t serving it, I was free to do as I wished in the house.

I thanked him for his generosity and asked them if I could be of service to them for the moment, a little shy to ask. I didn’t really want to start so soon but in a way, I an anxious to break open the relationship and clearly show that I could serve the purpose I was paid for.

Both of my owners looked at each other and after a nod from Emilie, Patrick asked me to join him in the master bedroom.

Still naked, I followed him upstairs to the giant four poster bed and laid myself on the duvet in a suggestive pose.

Nervous, I used my finger to get him closer but instead, he just looked at me. I was unsure of what to do when Emily joined me on the bed.

I realized I perhaps wasn’t so much Patrick’s slave but perhaps I was to be Emilie’s personal toy.

I wasn’t gay, far from it but I didn’t find lesbian sex repulsive at all.

Emilie was still fully dressed when she first kissed me. I could fell passion in her lips unlike my previous experiences. I didn’t know if I was the first woman she laid her mouth on but it was one of my first pleasant kisses.

I pressed myself close to her to let her feel I was hers, a trick I had read in a book about becoming a class S slave. Meanwhile, Patrick sat on the corner of the bed, looking intensely at the action.

I wouldn’t say I was excited but I was somewhat relieved to find such a normal couple as my owner and saviours.

I could definitely see myself spending two years having sex with these two respectable adults.

Realizing I was lucky, I started unbuttoning Emily’s blouse while maintaining our lustful kiss.

As soon as the first button was undone, Emily started playing with my left breast in a tender and calm way. Most of the guys I had dated for preparation had been rough and didn’t really give me the chance to discover pleasure with my breasts.

Emily on the other hand, was gentle enough to let me savour her touch as I slowly removed her blouse showing a beautiful lilac laced bra.

I broke our kiss to start caressing her still covered breasts, slipping my tongue underneath her bra, making her tickle a little.

Patrick finished removing his wife’s blouse and unclasped her bra from behind her back, letting it fall on the bed when Emily slipped her arms away.

I had played with the breast of another woman but all my partners had been teenagers with not yet fully developed breast tissue.

Emily’s breasts were more generous and less firm, but certainly not less interesting. I sucked on her left nipple while still caressing her right breast with my free arm.

My partner was slightly moaning, indicating I was doing something right which brought me a little satisfaction. I didn’t really want to become a sex slave but now that I was one, I might as well make sure I was good at it.

I straightened myself to stop using my left arm for support, enabling me to use it to untie Emilie’s skirt, moving forward toward a greater intimacy.

She stopped me and instead stood up by the bed to slip off both the skirt, her pantyhose and her lilac panties before cuddling me totally nude.

We kissed a little while I rubbed my thigh between her legs to stimulate her clitoris. I could feel she liked my touch so I gently pushed her on her back and positioned myself to lick her unshaved pussy.

I tried to remember every trick I knew. Rolling my tongue to suck on her clitoris, pushing it deeper in her vagina to simulate a penetration while sucking her lips into my mouth.

Nothing seemed to really get her off despite my intense efforts. I decided to call for backup and used two of my fingers to directly stimulate her G-spot while still using my tongue to lick her clitoris.

Gradually, I could feel Emily lose concentration as I intensified the pressure of my fingers and the intensity of my tongue.

After a few minutes, I finally felt her body shake in small convulsions as she climaxed in almost complete silence. I kissed her clitoris and cuddled her, pressing my naked body against her.

I assumed Emily was done for the night, but Patrick hadn’t started yet. He undressed silently by the bed and without asking me anything, he pulled my shoulder so I would lay on my back and quickly shoved his erect cock inside my cunt with the same ferocity as an ice pick used to break a block of ice.

Patrick held my hair with his right hand and caressed his wife’s breasts with the other, using my torso to stabilize himself.

I could feel his weight pushing against my ribs forcing me to take small quick breaths. I was surprisingly wet from my time with Emily despite the lack of stimulation I had received, but Patrick was still a little too rough for me.

Was I allowed to complain about my master fucked me ? Could I suggest he slow down a little so he won’t hurt me and make me non-functional for a few days ?

Fortunately, he came before I was hurt too seriously but also before I had time to adjust and experience real pleasure.

I was just told to hold still while he whispered something in Emily’s ear, making her laugh a little and simply ask : “You want me to do it now ?”

“Sure, why not. It’s your fantasy. Shouldn’t you figure out if you really like it ?”

Emily simply nodded and proceeded to perform oral sex on her husband still half erect cock. He was standing up by the side of the bed and she simply kneeled in front of him. Looking at her eyes made me realize she was deeply enjoying the experience.

After a few minutes, she moved her mouth toward my cunt. I could feel her tongue exploring my most secret cavern and hear her swallow loudly whatever she was retrieving.

I couldn’t understand at first until I realized she wasn’t so much licking me as trying to retrieve in her mouth as much of her husband’s sperm as possible.

She quickly gave up and collapsed on the bed next to me. I stayed silent, observing the scene.

Patrick asked his wife how it was.

“It’s amazing. Better than I thought. I feel so alive, so humiliated and yet, I loved it.”

“So, do we follow the plan ?”

“You betcha.”

I didn’t know what I was getting into, but if tonight was to become a model of our future nights, I wouldn’t mind my two years of slavery.

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