Olivia Chapter 3: Going to Sleep

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This entry is part 3 of 15 in the series Olivia

I was falling asleep in my masters’ bed when still naked Patrick came back with a big box.

Emily sat up on the bed, resting her back on the headboard of their bed. She looked nervous, so I sat up next to her and pressed once more my body next to hers.

“I can change my mind anytime I want, right Honey ?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. Regardless of what we say during our play sessions, if you want out, just give me your safe word and you are out”

“But if I don’t give you my safe word ?”

“You stay in. For as long as we have Olivia. That was your fantasy.”

“And yours…”

“Yes, I admit it. I am just as excited as you are.”

“But what if I still want it in two years ?”

“We’ll see when we get there. We could buy another slave to replace Olivia. But don’t get ahead of yourself. You might change your mind in a few days.”

“Don’t forget Patrick. If I don’t say my safe word, don’t get me out. No matter how I plead. That’s the deal”

“Yes, I know. We’ve talked it over and over.”

I was completely confused as to what was happening, but I didn’t mind. It didn’t seem to directly concern me, so I stayed silent and supported. I was awfully curious however.

Emily stood up by the side of the bed.

“I just hope I didn’t gain weight.”

“We tried it on 3 days ago Emily . Don’t worry, it will fit.”

Patrick opened the box and pulled out a strange metal thing. It had an oval loop on top with a U shape curve bending down from the middle.

The exterior was made of polished metal, but the inside had a weird black material which looked a lot like foam.

Patrick took out a key and inserted it in a circular knob at the junction between the U curve and the top ring, allowing the device and the top ring to open in half.

Emily protested a little.

“Can’t we do it one last time ? ”

“That’s not what we discussed Emily . You set the terms. It’s too late to back down. ”

“Please… I want to feel you inside”

“Just use your safe word. That’s all you have to do.”

“Damn it. Let’s put it on then.”

When Emily stepped forward I quickly understood the role of the device. It was a chastity belt, but completely different than the one I had worn earlier today.

The one I had was like a big pair of metallic shorts loosely fitting on my body. This one has a small waistband locking above the hips and a U shape bar going between the legs and preventing access to Emily’s vagina. In the back, the U bar was narrower, allowing to slip it between her cheeks, but there was a round donut close to her anus which wasn’t wide enough to allow sodomy while still allowing defecation.

So, Emily was to wear this thing for 2 years ?

As soon as the device was installed, Patrick pulled the U shape and the waistband together and I heard a small click, indicating the belt was now locked in place.

“Your rings Emily…”

“Right. Sorry, I was forgetting that part too.”

Emily removed her wedding and engagement rings and gave them to me. I was unsure what to do with them, so I looked at Patrick.

“Olivia, let me explain how things will occur here, as you seem rather confused. My wife always regretted not becoming a class S slave herself, so, we devised a little scenario to make her feel as if she had. For the next two years, sweet Olivia, you will be my wife for all intents and purposes.

We will go out on dates, we will sleep together and have sex together. Emily on the other hand, will be our sex slave.

She will clean me and you with her tongue after we are done having sex. She will refer to me as her master, and to you as her mistress. She will please you orally, bathe you and take care of you. She will also perform all of the duties of a class D slave without any hesitation.

You, on the other hand, will behave like a brat wife who is angry at her because you are convinced I am sleeping with her behind your back. Every day, when I am at work, you are to make her life miserable. Whip her. Make her redo her chores. Make her feel worthless. Have her perform sexual tasks for you. Make sure she feels like she is a worthless class S slave.

When I come home, I will ask my wife if you were a good mistress. If you humiliated her enough during the day, she will tell me and you and I will have sex that night. Otherwise, you will instead spend the evening punishing her and will be withheld sex.

I will never refer to you as my slave, but it is implied that any sexual fantasies I express will greatly excite you. Is that clear ?”

I wasn’t sure what I would think of all this, but compared to a lot of other class S slaves, I am ending up having it really easy.

“Yes Master”

“Great. From now on, call me Honey, or darling. Put on the rings please.”

I did. They were a little big for me, but not enough to lose them.

“So, that’s why I’ll get to wear clothes.”

“Yes, but I’d really love it if you spend a lot of the time in the nude when I am there, making Emily a little more jealous.”

“Ok, no problem. How do I know if I go too far ?”

“Her safe work with you is going to be: auction. If she says auction three times in a row, she becomes your mistress once more and you are the slave. At least, until I return. BTW, you should escort her to her room now. We are done with her for the night. It’s the second door to the right, in the corridor. At worse, follow her.”

I addressed the woman whom I thought would be my mistress and sharply told her:

“Come Emily, I’ll send you to your room”

“Yes mistress. Thank you mistress” were her only answer, but Patrick objected.

“Don’t call her by her name. Use something degrading, like Slut, or bitch.”

I tried it by yelling at the slowly moving woman: “Hurry up Bitch.”

“Yes mistress”.

I sent her to her room, only to discover that the room didn’t have a bed. Instead, it only had two sheets placed on the floor and a small simple pillow.

I also saw a chamber pot in the corner of the room but didn’t understand its purpose until I realized that her door could be locked from the outside.

After locking it, I returned to my master and confirmed I had done well.

By then, he had put boxers on and we quickly jumped into bed where we spooned until the next morning.

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