Sam Chapter 16: Lost in Anna's thoughts

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This entry is part 16 of 20 in the series Sam

School was barely over and Anna’s parent wouldn’t be home for another hour, leaving us plenty of time to play.

I rang the doorbell, discovering a sad Anna behind the door which, upon recognizing me, lit up with a warm smile.

“Oh God, kiss me…”, I heard her say, so I leaned forward and kissed her with my new luscious lips.

She invited me in one we parted and we darted to her bedroom where our clothes quickly found their way to the floor.

“You seemed sad when you opened the door?”, I managed to blurt out in the middle of the passion.

“Because you weren’t here… and then, you were!”

“You don’t mind that I am a girl now?”

She replied with a kiss, pressing her naked body against mine.

Anna was really filled with desire, not necessarily that much more than while I was her boyfriend, but she was certainly more anxious to get started. I had to ask her why…

“I don’t want to wait. It takes me longer with a girl, and I don’t have to be afraid of you coming before I had time to finish. Plus, my parents are coming home in an hour”, she murmured into my ear.

That was convenient…

She clearly moved to show me that she wanted us to scissor, so I obliged: I am a generous person with my sexual partners, but I had another plan in mind. I had a yet mostly unused vagina and I wanted to feel what it was like.

While Anna was slowly abandoning herself to the pleasure my thigh was giving her, I scanned the room with my eyes to see if there was something Anna might have that could help me in my search.

As soon as I had finished scanning the room, Anna moved, opened her bedside table, and from the back, took a dildo, as if she was answering my thoughts.

“Lay on your back…”

I did so, wondering what was happening. Could Anna read my thoughts or was did just a coincidence?

While I was thinking back to my past sexual sessions with Anna, I could feel the dildo slowly entering my already wet vagina, giving me sensations I had never felt before, not even during my threesome on my birthday.

While Anna was expertly using the dildo properly from her play time with Julie, my sexual stimulation began to know new levels of pleasure, making me realize that I had been missing something all my life.

Anna took the occasion to begin sucking on my left nipple and I tried to make her kiss me, but as she got closer, she was too extended to control the Dildo and I decided to just let her focus on her primary work.

After a few minutes, it was clear that even if I was receiving more pleasure than I had ever gotten, it wouldn’t be quite enough for the release I was looking for so I started using my left hand to masturbate while Anna continued on.

It dawned on me that the dual nature of the female sexual organs with the clitoris placed outside of the vagina was a much superior configuration than keeping the tip of the penis at it’s end: you can literally masturbate while being penetrated!

With the added stimulation, I manage to climax much strongly than I had ever and I barely managed to roll into Anna’s welcoming arms.

We snuggled for a few minutes before I realized she hadn’t received much from me… It was rather selfish.

“Don’t worry Sam, it was your first time. I’m happy for you”

Ok, that was scary…

“What?”,  she said.

I sat in bed.

“Three times during sex Anna, you seemed to have replied to my thoughts”

“What do you mean, your thoughts?”

“You just told me not to worry while I was thinking that I had been selfish.”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right. Somehow, I thought you had said something.”

Kiss me right now, please Anna…

Anna began to kiss me passionately, so I thought… Get away, I don’t love you.

Anna moved back and began crying….

“No Anna, I do love you. I just wanted to see if you really could hear me. I am guessing you can. That’s really weird..”

“I think I could always have an idea of what you had in mind while we were dating, but today, it’s clearer than ever. I knew you were coming for sex as soon as I saw you.”

“This is quite interesting. That’s why you asked me to kiss you?”


“When you answered the door, you told me “Oh God, kiss me…”

“I didn’t have time to say anything Sam… I was standing there really happy to see and you launched yourself at my lips, not that I am complaining, it’s what I was hoping you would do”

“So, I guess I can hear your thoughts too…”

This changed everything.

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