Sam Chapter 15: After School

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I collapsed on my bed right from school. What a day! I certainly didn’t expect the attention I had been getting.

As a teenage boy, I certainly could see that girls in school would look at me with a certain desire in their eyes, but as a new teenage girl in school, I was getting more than looks from the male population of the school: most of the boys, at one point or another, introduced himself (including a few I didn’t even know as Samuel), visibly with the intention of trying to seduce me.

Fortunately, none of the guys pressed too much, either because they respected Samuel, or because they actually listened when I said I wasn’t interested, being gay: one of the perks of my powers, I guess.

But what bothered me the most wasn’t their attention, but rather the fact that I kind of liked getting their attention.

Girls don’t often openly flirt with boys they like, but boys, at least courageous boys, take the first step.

Now, for the first time, I had plenty of good looking boys (and less good looking boys) almost fawning over me, and that, bothered me. Not the fact that it was boys interested, but the fact that I appreciated it.

I liked girls, damn it!

To try an convince myself of my orientation, I once again stripped in front of the mirror. Removing a bra is very different when it’s your own, I can tell you that…

This time, I couldn’t feel a phantom erection, but I definitely could feel my crotch tingling…

I began masturbating standing up, but I soon got on my bed, trying to perfect my technique for pleasuring myself.

Just thinking of my body was enough the first time, but now, I had memories of my threesome with Anna and Julie, and of my twosome with Julie… Geez, I had to fill in my spank bank and have sex one on one with Anna and real soon…

As I masturbated, I began imagining trying a 69 with Anna on top, or would I be on top this time? Running my fingers over her delicate body… hum, yes, I like the way this body reacts to physical sensations… I couldn’t wait to try a dildo.. maybe one of the girls would agree to put a strap-on so I could feel my precious virgin vagina filled.

The pressure in me began increasing and I caressed my glorious breasts to increase my pleasure.

I could feel an orgasm on the horizon, with clear images of Anna getting closer with a strap-on while I was performing oral sex on Julie, naked right in front of me.

Julie’s admission of being gay now only increased my desire for her… perhaps she’s the lesbian women I will spend my life with after convincing Anna to move on and get herself a nice husband who will be able to pleasure her sexually the way I used it.

I could imagine Anna slowly pushing the dildo attached to her strap-on to take care of my hungry cunt, all wet from anticipation…

Oh… Brian could take care of it too… in the shower with the boys, I remember how big his penis was… I wonder how it would feel inside of me. Today, he had shown great interest in my body and I could feel that he liked what he was seeing.

Wait? Brian?

I stopped instantly touching myself, disgusted at my thoughts. Why did I started thinking of Brian suddenly? Could my body betray my mind?

I didn’t want to take a chance. I got dressed as quickly as I could and sat on the side of the bed.

I thought about Brian and he repulsed me as much as he used to when I was a boy.

What should I do? Would I now have sexual thoughts of boys while masturbating? When excited?

I needed to know. I thought a few minutes about my next action and charged to Anna’s house. Now was the time for a one and one session.


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