Lizzie Chapter 25: Morning Talk

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I woke up from my sleep and felt as if I had slept for 3 years!

The previous evening with Stephanie had struck a cord and I couldn’t wait to see my red-headed beauty. Of course, meeting the Gold Members had been the cherry on top.

I stood up in bed, stretching and saw Kylie with her computer, sitting on her bed, looking at me with a serious look.

“Hello Kylie, is everything all right?”

“Hello Lizzie. So, give me the details… what is the Silver ceremony like”

Oh, that’s right, she was still doing her thesis. I noted that Kylie had a much nicer demeanor. I am guessing that our recent talk really helped her come to terms with her father leaving them.

“Well, it’s weird. They don’t feed you lines, so you have to improvise on the stop. It’s a lot less directed. I felt more like it was test of initiative then the first one. It’s as if they want a lot of Bronze people, so they give you clear instructions to make sure that you know what you are doing, but for the Silver level, they just imply what you are supposed to do.”

Kylie nodded. “It’s typical of secret societies. My guess is that to become a Gold Member, you have to pass a test and perhaps you won’t even know what it is.”

“Oh, do you think you could help me prepare for that? I would relay all of the details once I am done”

“Of course, but I suspect that it will be years before you are invited… it seems to be their inner sanctum.”

“Well, I am on the fast track with my last idea. I guess I’ll have to get more ideas to become a Gold Member. Perhaps that could be my Golden Ticket, becoming the idea girl..”

“I can certainly help you. The further you go, the more I will learn. So, the ceremony?”

“Yeah, they once again get me naked.”

“Speaking of which…”

And I realized that I had not dressed back up: I was still naked from going to sleep..

“Oh, sorry, let me get dressed.”

“No, I guess you can stay nude if you prefer. I should get used to it.”

“Cool, so, they got me naked, and wrote on my naked body a bunch of personal things, like that I was too ambitious or too pretentious. I took the initiative and said I would stop being ambitions for them, etc..”

“Hum, it’s interesting. They really make a show for conformity, like the other cults, but only in ceremonies. It’s like many assume, that it’s a harmless cult that borrows the symbols of the hardcore ones”

“And what do you think now that you know more from me?”

“Well, the more I think about it, the more I think there are 2 levels. There is an outer ring you are a part of which looks innocent and light, but I heard rumors about the upper levels.”

“Hum. Did you know the guys pay $2000 to join and $200 per month after that??”

“What? No, I didn’t. None of the girls told me anything, and none of the documentation I found mentioned it. I guess we have to follow the money…”

Kylie was all excited, as if her research had taken a new turn.

“Follow the money? Hum… I’ll ask Tim who¬†he pays and try to get more information…”

“Be very careful. If they hide they take money, it might land you in a jam. It might be wise to go at it casually.”

“Good idea. Thanks Kylie. You seem to be opening up. It’s nice to see you smile a little.”

She blushed.

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