Sylvana Chapter 10: Stepping into action

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It was my time to get into action. I could see both of Sylvana’s henchmen sleeping in their room, but I suspected Sylvana could raise them in a second from the console hidden in her room.

Fortunately for me, like her laptop, it connected wirelessly to her security system so it was far from being foolproof.

The basis of all encryption resides in keeping the encryption keys secret. Once you know them, you can read sensitive information like an open book. I had already gotten the keys from her laptop, all that was remaining was to read the security system and isolate her console from the system.

To achieve my goal, all I simply had to reconfigure the encryption keys from her router. With that operation, I could still talk to it, but her console, her remote locks, her laptop, her cameras, well, her own system, could no longer talk to each other.

We were, to put it in clear words, adrift.

I tucked all of my things in my bag, making sure I didn’t forget anything that would show where I hid. I never knew if I had to come back and having a camera installed in the storage room would cause me serious issues as it was the only blind spot on the boat.

Silently, I moved upstairs, stashing my bag in the bathroom. I could retreat there if I had problems.

I approached the curtain, and slowly pushed it aside. Both girls were half asleep, but the lights were still on. Perhaps they were on a timer.

I realized that this was most likely the first time someone approached this room with clothes on.

I slowly walked toward the bed. The blonde saw me first. “Who are you?”, she interjected, grabbing frantically the comforter to try and hide her nudity.

Sylvana slowly rose up from her slumber, but was fully awake seconds after recognizing me.

“John, isn’t it ? How did you find me.”. She stood up, totally unashamed of her nudity, and walked toward her security console.

“How doesn’t matter. Just as how I deactivated your panic button. Rest assured your guards will stay asleep tonight”

Her face turned toward panic.

“Why did you come back then ?”

“Because I had no intentions to let this finish like it did 2 weeks ago. You have a sweet setup here, but I can see that behind your mask, you are miserable. I am here to stop that”

The blonde replied : “Don’t hurt me please… I have nothing to do with this”

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. For the moment, you can’t leave, but if you want, you can take one of the sheets and go sit in the corner. You are right, it doesn’t concern you. Just don’t leave the room”.

I turned toward Sylvana. The so called Goddess of the night didn’t look as confident as in the past.

“So, you want to go at it again ? Take me, I won’t resist”

“No Sylvana. I am not here for sex. I want more. And I am not leaving until I get it.”

“What is it that you want then ?”

“I want a piece of your heart. I am convinced that behind your façade, you have one”

The ball was now in her camp.

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  1. Krey Says:

    would cause me serious issues AS it was the only blind spot on the boat.

    You have a SWEET setup here, but…

  2. The Author Says:

    Thank you very much !!!

    I appreciate that. I fixed both.

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