Sylvana Chapter 16: Epilogue

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So here I am. Living in the wooden ark with my beautiful girlfriend Sylvana and her girlfriend Linda.

Well, I’d be lying if I said Linda was only Sylvana’s girlfriend for Linda and I frequently have sex together but overall, I don’t really love her and I suspect she doesn’t really loves me back.

I do now respect Sylvana’s rules and never wear clothes onboard. Initially, it was weird but I got used to it. We won’t spend all day on the ark however and we all dress back when in the main apartment section with Bill and Kyle, Sylvana’s bodyguards.

At first they didn’t trust me but slowly they warmed up when they understood I wasn’t after Sylvana’s money.

One of the apartment’s empty bedroom is now my office. I work from home and need a place where two sexy woman won’t prevent me from working. Not having to pay for rent or food reduced my need for contracts but I still enjoyed going out with friends and still have the need to feel useful.

Linda and Sylvana on the other hand hardly ever leave the penthouse anymore: Bill takes care of Sylvana’s business and Kyle does the shopping for all of us.
I did present Sylvana to my family and friends but never got the courage to invite anyone home despite Sylvana’s claim that I could.

The hidden cameras are still in place however and the three of us have lots of fun making our own sex tapes for our private viewing.

It took a few sessions for Linda to get used to it but she warmed up to the idea and is now just as enthusiastic as we are for our next filming session and helps a lot with the editing.

It’s not all fun, we do have disagreements but somehow, we always manage to find a way to release our tension. Crazy sex doesn’t solve everything, but it helps.

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