Sylvana Chapter 5: Waking up

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A quick glance confirmed my one-night partner was still sleeping, as well as her two protectors allowing me to erase all traces of my exploration.

Unfortunately, I also had to stop the recording on the office and bathroom cameras, erasing their complete memory for the night, to cover my return to the bathroom where I supposedly spent the last 20 minutes. It would be suspicious, but I hoped Sylvana wouldn’t notice and think she simply made a mistake in her configuration. In all cases, she wouldn’t know what had really happened.

After emptying my bladder, I quickly went back to the bathroom, only to return in bed next my sound asleep angel. Or should I say demon in disguise?

Despite my heartbeat beating rapidly out of fear, I managed to once again fall asleep. I was awakened with Sylvana slowly trying to leave the bed, probably hoping not to awake me.

I played the innocent. “Slept well, queen of the night?”

“Yes, but I need to use the bathroom.”

I decided to at least follow her to the main room of the floor, where the bathroom door is. I didn’t want risking her to enter the office behind my back.

After a few minutes, she emerged, clearly refreshed: her hair was freshly brushed, she had a fresh breath and a clear face.

“I had a good night John”

“Thank you. I must also return the compliment. Is there any chance we might do it again in the future?”

“We might, but don’t count on it.”

“I understand. Do I leave right away?”

“Please. You know the way out.”

“Can I at least get a goodbye  kiss?”

“I’d prefer not. It’s not your fault. It just ends now.”

I noticed just her raised to arm next to slightly raised knot on the wall, most likely an alarm signal for her goons should I attempt anything.

“I understand. I won’t cause any problems. Good luck.”

I took the stairs, determined to do so as rapidly as possible. I didn’t want to give her time to question me on the two defective cameras.

Fortunately for me, the wooden platform was already extended: she must have triggered a signal while in the bathroom, or perhaps, somewhere hidden in the bedroom.

This time, the door of the anti-chamber was unlocked, and it was clear, once inside, that the guard had been honest: nobody touched my clothes.

I dressed back as quickly as possible and predictably, once I was done, the elevator door opened, revealing my favourite driver.

I teased him: “Hello honey how was your sleep?”

“Do you want me to drop you at the hospital, or would you prefer straight to the morgue?”

I entered the elevator, replying “I slept well too. Thanks for asking”.

Without much delay, I was back in the limousine, where I was asked where I wanted to go. I noticed that even with lighting, the tinted windows prevented me from seeing much outside of the vehicle.

I knew the bar was roughly 5 minutes from this place, so I decided to pick a location roughly 10 minutes of drive from the bar, at the opposite end of the banking sector.

A building like this could only be in one of 4 areas of city, only 3 of which were within 10 minutes of the bar : the finance and banking center, the university area and the west side industrial area, with the bar roughly in the middle of the three.

If we were indeed in the banking sector, it would take less than 5 minutes to get to my destination, but for the other two, it would take considerable more time. Around 10 minutes if we were in the campus area, and perhaps 15 minutes for the industrial sector.

The drive took us only 6 minutes, making me think we were already in the proper location. It also gave me an idea of roughly where her apartment could be located, judging by the fact we arrived from the south, and judging by the number of turns.

I noted the license plate number as the limousine drove away, in case it would help.

The hunt was now beginning.

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